Flowers for flower boxes - the 10 best

Flowers for flower boxes - the 10 best

Lush flowering in the flower boxes Not an unfulfillable dream, provided the location suits and the flowers are arranged harmoniously.

Geraniums - easy care and somewhat stuffy

With the good old geraniums you can quickly create a sea of ​​flowers in the window boxes. Hanging, standing and in numerous reds and pinks these plants are available and they can even be hibernated in the cellar. Unfortunately, the slightly metallic-smelling sunbathers have a reputation for being a bit of moron.

Begonias - a comeback of a classic

For a long time, begonia was for many the epitome of the typical balcony plant, then it went out of fashion. Now she is back and enjoys growing popularity. The color palette ranges from red to pink to yellow and orange. She prefers a bright location, but does not like a blazing midday sun. In spite of all variety: flower boxes planted exclusively with begonias appear boring.

Zinnia - low varieties for the flower box

The higher zinnias are commonly known only from the cottage garden, but the low cultivars of this summer flower are ideal for the balcony , Especially dwarf tin trees, which are only 15 to 20 cm high, can be combined well with other summer flowers. The plant blooms in white, red, pink, purple, yellow and orange, from July to October.

Petunias - decorative but sensitive to the rain

When buying petunia, the flower buddy is spoiled for choice. The plants come in numerous colors, shades, filled or unfilled, hanging or standing, and the inconspicuous plantlets become in no time real splendor specimens. But beware: A strong downpour can permanently destroy the beauty of the flowers; Unless the flower boxes are hanging in a sheltered place.

Tagetes - Aroma

Getting used to the smell of Tagetes brings unpretentious and easy-going fellows to the balcony with these one-year-olds. The marigold is available in many shades of yellow and orange and seems to be immune to disease. In the immediate vicinity of flowers, which should be fertilized frequently, the marigold can easily suffer from over-fertilization and then produces only a few flowers.

Margarites - nothing for casting muffle

Margarites are for many the epitome of summer. For some years, they have been available as potted plants not only in white, but also in yellow and pink. But be careful with small-volume window boxes in full sun: Margarites can not tolerate water shortage and can punish Gieß-muffle with a weeks-long flowering break. In addition, margarites are somewhat labor-intensive, as long-lasting abundance of flowers requires regular cleaning.

Hardy Lieschen - the star on the Schattenbalkon

Even owners of a half to full shade balcony do not have to forego flowers for their flower boxes, because the hard-working Lieschen is even grateful for that. The delicate plantlets are available in numerous varieties, with filled and unfilled flowers in white, red and pink shades to purple and orange. But Impatiens have an extremely high water requirement and like to get tired in the heat. The New Guinea hybrids look less romantic, but are generally more robust and develop larger blooms.

Fuchsia - Allround talent for flower boxes

Fuchsias are relatively unimpressive in their original form, but there is now a huge choice of breeding - standing or breeding Hanging plants, small or large, filled or unfilled flowers, one or two colors, in white, red, pink and purple tones. Since the decision is not easy. Incidentally, depending on the variety, fuchsias thrive in various locations - everything from shady to full-sun is possible.

Pansies - every child knows them

Pansies are the most well-known garden and balcony plants. Their colorful flowers are reminiscent of little faces and delight young and old alike. With their low demands, these plants are also suitable for less gifted hobby gardeners. They tolerate full sun or partial shade and bloom tirelessly from spring to autumn. If the plantlets become too sparse after a few months, the courageous cut with the pruning shears helps to more compact growth.

Männertreu - the blue gap filler

The blue lobelia has the reputation as a perfect filler in flower boxes. The brighter the location, the better Männertreu thrives - and that for many months. However, the pillow-like plant needs abundant water, so that it flowers tirelessly and so complements the planting. If the flower cushion hangs too low or spreads out too much, it can easily be trimmed.

The right mixture makes it easy

Whether a flower box is made colorful or in one color is a matter of taste. However, a flowering box looks particularly decorative, but always when the height of the plants was taken into consideration. High comes to the back, hanging plants belong to the front and / or on the sides. In between, mid-high bloomers ensure a harmonious balance. Who wants to proceed like the professionals, complements the flowers with ornamental grasses or leaf ornamental plants.

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