Planter with water reservoir - Checklist

Planter with water reservoir - Checklist

In summer, a planter needs a lot of attention. Boxes with a water tank significantly reduce the care required.

Selecting boxes and pots with a water tank

The term water tank is not entirely accurate. The real purpose of such window boxes is to prevent waterlogging. Every flower pot or flower box without drain hole is able to store enough water. Naturally, all boxes with water reservoir keep the potting damp, some unfortunately very wet. After heavy rains, the water stands in it, the flowers rot. The planters contain an insert for the potting soil in which the plants are. The water is under this use. The earth either sucks water from the supply via wicks or water-filled cones filled with earth. The supply via the earth cone is safer. The boxes have a water level indicator and / or an overflow. An overflow prevents too much water in the box after a downpour. All boxes can overflow, a large coaster is therefore a useful addition.

  • The maximum total length depends on the length of the balcony railing.
  • Several smaller planters are more practical than one large.
  • Water is heavy, a planter with water storage must be stable.
  • Use
  • A funnel in the filler opening for filling with water facilitates the care.
  • Systems with overflow and water level indicator are optimal.
  • Large coasters that optically fit to the box , complete the picture and prevent flooding.

Maintain water in the flower box

Normally, the water in the flower boxes does not need special care. Only in systems without overflow, it is necessary to drain the water when needed. This is most conveniently done by suction with a small pump. Otherwise, the insert can be lifted out with the earth and pour the water out of the box. At high heat germs grow faster, the water can tip over. This is noticeable by foul smell. Once this has been done, just help to take the insert out of the box and throw away the water. The box should then be thoroughly cleaned with hot water. If the plants tolerate sun and heat, they take no damage. Before the frost the window boxes belong to the house. Frost does not tolerate you. Regular checklist:

  • Check the water level weekly and after each rain.
  • Pluck the blooms from the plants.
  • Fill or drain the water as needed.
  • In case of heat every other day, otherwise once in the month
  • Smell it rotten, take out the insert with the earth, throw away the water and thoroughly clean the box.
  • Put the insert in and with fresh Fill water.
  • It can not be done without care

A planter with water reservoir does not require daily watering and saves time and labor. Some care measures are always necessary.

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