Floorboards with natural charm

Floorboards with natural charm

Characteristics of plank types and their installation The plank flooring is considered to be the traditional wooden floor. As self-supporting elements, planks are easy to lay and can be easily sanded down due to their high use thickness of 20 to 25 mm.

Furthermore, they are perceived as warm and comfortable due to their low heat dissipation and elastic construction.

Solid wood planks

Solid wood planks usually show "Groove" and "spring" and are produced industrially in various qualities and dimensions. Available dimensions are in thicknesses between 19.5 and 35.5 mm and widths between 95 and 155 mm. In the width, however, the differentiation in profile size and cover size is taken into account. The profile dimension is the total width of the board including spring. The deck size is the later visible width without spring. The qualities mentioned differ in more demanding solid floorboards and lower quality profiled planks.


Solid planks up to 35 mm thick and over 40 cm wide are commonly referred to as plank flooring and are found in their own Names in accordance with and because of their traditional look often in listed buildings and representative houses.


In addition to the variants described there are the so-called planks. It is a kind of multi-layer parquet, so a prefabricated floorboard element of needle or laubhölzernen cover layer and another layer element of softwood or wood-based material. Visually, planks of solid wood flooring, but technically the multi-layer parquet.

The guide "planks - flooring with natural charm" was created in friendly cooperation with the "Federation of sawmills and wood industry Germany eV".

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