Fire free! - Store firewood properly

Fire free! - Store firewood properly

Crackling logs in the fireplace are romantic - and, above all, a result of proper storage.

But even non-romantics have a handful of reasons why it's better to store their wood well. Because only if the firewood is dry, it has an optimal calorific value. For example, one cubic meter of beech wood will evaporate about 250 liters of water when properly stored. So it replaces about 200 liters of fuel oil. Not only is it eco-friendly, it also cuts electricity costs.

Where to put all the wood?

The best place is a sunny, covered outdoor space. Because in closed rooms, the air can not circulate. But that is important, accordingly the firewood warehouse needs free space. The wood should have no direct contact with the ground and be stacked on a base, for example a wooden pallet. To the back wall, a distance of about 10 centimeters is optimal, so that the air can circulate. The roof does not have to be corrugated iron, but should also have enough space under it. An overlying tarpaulin is not suitable. Because: If the firewood does not have room to breathe, it quickly becomes damp and putrid.

Even more storage tips

Firewood is available in different types and shapes. Roughly speaking, the bigger the pieces, the cheaper. In any case, it is best to store the wood already in the right way. Because in split form the moisture evaporates better. The cross-stacking - stacking each layer alternately longitudinally and transversely - is not only stable, but also contributes again to the so important air circulation. Incidentally, the long side of the entire pile should not point to the weather side.
Anyone who has found a good deposit and has stored the wood properly at the beginning of the year can burn it in the same winter. On the safe side, with a storage time of two or three years, but not much longer, because the calorific value then sinks again.

Fire free!

But how can I tell if the wood is ripe for the stove? ? If you do not want to afford a residual moisture meter, you will recognize it at the latest when it is being burned. Because then form on the surface of water bubbles and it rusts strong. This in turn is bad for the stove or fireplace and can cause damage. But who takes all the tips for storing, can now look forward to a romantic winter evening in front of the fireplace.

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