Felling trees in the garden - what to look for?

Felling trees in the garden - what to look for?

If a tree is sick or disturbs the garden, the topic of cases will eventually come up. But: prudence and planning are urgently required in this project.

Is tree-growing permitted in your own garden?

Garden owners are allowed to cut down trees - under certain conditions. Responsible is the Federal Nature Conservation Act, in addition apply to different federal states own statutes. However, the regulations change regularly or are misinterpreted so that the courts are also concerned. For very old trees also monument protection and tree protection regulations come into question: Who does not inform and a protected copy falls, must expect delicate penalties, which in turn sets the Civil Code. Furthermore, in some regions it is forbidden to cut down a tree during the growing season from 1 March to 30 September.

This jungle of laws is difficult to survey. Only very small, young trees are allowed to remove gardeners without permission. The easiest way to avoid future conflicts is to apply for permission from the community and find out about the conditions there. Protected trees require a special permit. The authorities usually only give them when a tree is sick or at risk of falling. And do not forget the neighbors: A friendly conversation in advance does not let misunderstandings arise. This is especially true at border trees; Here the consent of the neighbor is essential.

Safety is the priority during the felling work

. If there is a permit, it is up to the actual work. Again, many regulations have to be followed, especially on the subject of occupational safety. That is quite justified - after all, all those involved in dealing with the chainsaw can hurt badly.

Helmet, ear protection, sturdy work shoes and gloves are mandatory, cut protection pants and goggles offer even more safety. Even bystanders must be brought out of the danger zone. This means: Shut off the area around the tree in double length, let only the helpers through. Keep children and pets safe

There are different techniques and cuts when felling. Anyone who has no experience with it is well advised to have all work done by a specialist. As a rule, this is the best solution: A qualified service provider takes care of safety regulations and professional deforestation, on request he also shreds and disposes of the wood. In addition, you save the cost of equipment and protective equipment and do not endanger anyone.

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