Faucet is sluggish - what to do?

Faucet is sluggish - what to do?

Replacing a heavy-duty or dripping tap is not always required. Sometimes it can be repaired without a special tool.

Causes of stiffness

If the lever of the single-lever mixer is only difficult to move, it is almost always lime-scale. This also applies to conventional taps for turning. If the tap drips or requires a lot of force to close, a seal is defective. If this problem exists, a new cartridge is required for the single-lever mixer. For faucets, it is sufficient to replace the so-called top.

Fitting cartridges are usually only at the manufacturer of the mixer, cockerels leads any hardware store. A pipe wrench, Allen wrench set, vinegar and tap grease are required for the repair. Open-end wrenches are more suitable than pipe wrenches because they do not scratch the fittings as much as a pair of pliers. In addition, a flat-head screwdriver will serve you well.

Preparing to Repair

The tap will lose its locking function during repair. Therefore, the water must be turned off beforehand. If there is an angle valve under the pool to be repaired, it is sufficient to turn off the water. If the water is drained off the main tap of the house, all tenants need to know in advance.

Disassemble a Single-Lever Mixer

Each manufacturer builds these mixers to a different system; there is no hard and fast rule about disassembling single-lever mixers. It is usually possible to remove a cap under which a grub screw is located. This triggers an Allen wrench.

It may be necessary to turn off further caps before the cartridge can be seen. This can be removed with a pair of pliers or a spanner. With single-lever mixers, a repair can go awry, as cheap products often can not be dismantled and are only completely interchangeable.

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Dismantling faucets professionally

Pulling the handles on simple faucets to unscrew the chrome covers. The cock top is now visible and can be turned out of the tap. The taps are standardized, the principle is the same for all.

Installation of new or cleaned parts

If lime was the cause, it is sufficient to put the removed parts in vinegar for a few hours and then rinse well. Before installation, the parts need a thin layer of grease, whether new parts or decalcified parts. The grease must be acid-free and approved for use on drinking water pipes. This also applies to taps or single-lever mixers on bathtubs, showers or vanity units in the bathroom. The assembly takes place in the reverse order of removal.

As soon as the water is switched on again, it shows whether the repair was successful and the stiff cock can be moved easily again.

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