Farmhouse Furnishings - Checklist

Farmhouse Furnishings - Checklist

A farmhouse easily loses its special charm through inappropriate furnishings. Modern comfort is well-dosed but no problem.

Preserving the Charm of the Farmhouse

A farmhouse is not a normal family home. It is the typical of the house to get, even if renovation should be necessary. The monument protection is usually not important when it comes to the interior. If you like you can redesign everything inside. The only question is whether this is desirable. At low cost, farmhouses can be wonderfully furnished with comfort. As a rule, it makes sense initially to change little, to let the charm of the house to take effect. This excludes the sanitary facilities. A Plumpsklo in the yard has to offer little pleasing, a kitchen with old coal stove already. It is important to decide where, what should be changed:

  • Clarify at the monument protection office, if conditions exist. If so, ask what you need to know.
  • Ask a specialist to check for electricity, water and sewerage.
  • A farmhouse often has a large kitchen. It is ideal as a living-dining kitchen.
  • It often lacks a modern bathroom. Perhaps a part of the kitchen can be divided.
  • The living room, the living room is rather small, a wall opening creates space.
  • Under PVC and carpeting are mostly wooden floorboards. It is worth to expose and polish it up.
  • Behind thick layers of wallpaper can be beautifully plastered walls and wooden beams. Uncovering makes sense here as well.

The old and the new fit together in the furnishing

The renewal of the pipes has priority, as does a bathroom with a toilet. If you want to buy a farmhouse, you should obtain cost estimates before purchasing and include them in the cost planning. There are no guideline values ​​for the costs. They depend on the extent of the renewals. The renovation of the walls or the floors is favorable, since only old is to be worked up. When furnishing, pay attention to the following:

  • Low and heavy furniture does not fit in with the typical low ceilings of the houses.
  • The floors are usually made of wooden floorboards or stone slabs, and rustic furniture harmonises with them. Delicate furniture is lost.
  • Real old furniture, from the time the house was made, lends itself better than the current country house style.
  • If style breaks are desired, be aware of it. Not indiscriminately accommodate different styles in one room.
  • A mix of antique and modern is beautiful, but not more than two styles.
  • A painted softwood cabinet can be optimally combined with a modern sofa, an additional Biedermeier style dining set too much.
  • Note the colors of existing woods. A mish-mash of different woods seems inharmonious.
  • Modern kitchen furniture is necessary. If old kitchens should continue to be used, the modern age is best placed together on a wall.
  • Do not set up a TV altar. In the farmhouse, it is nicer to hide these devices discreetly in wardrobes.

Living with the house

Those who want to feel comfortable in the farmhouse must learn to grasp and underline the essence of the house. A too modern decor does not fit.

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