Fancy Floors - from Wood to Epoxy

Fancy Floors - from Wood to Epoxy

The floor covering shapes the space. Creative ideas can be wood, vinyl or epoxy. There is no lack of innovation.

The floor is the centerpiece of a room

A floor covering does not always have to be smooth and bright. There are unusual floors that shape the whole room and put it in a new light. The ideas range from innovative 3D floor coverings made of epoxy resin to endemic paving to the floor, which is digitally printed with your own images.

Well-tried floor coverings can look fancy if used in style. If you are not afraid of stone, you can try a stone carpet of real stones. Not only does it look extravagant, it also massages your feet gently when you walk over it.

Tiles are also versatile and creatively applicable. Due to the variable colors, the room can be designed individually. Design apartments look stylish with ceramic tiles.

Soft, hard-wearing and soundproofing is a cork floor that can even be used in the bathroom, so that the whole apartment looks like a piece.

Fancy wood flooring

The new Trend solid wood flooring from sawn timber. These planks are cut and brushed after being pressed with a band saw. The surface gets a soft look. This type of flooring is particularly popular in wellness areas, but the floorboards are also good in the living room. They are hardwearing and available in many colors.

Even a wooden floor covering made of so-called endemic paving looks great. The flooring consists of square surfaces end grain or is designed as parquet. The grain of the tree trunks looks good especially in modern homes. Planks left in their original form, as cut out of the tree, create a fancy floor. The style is a bit more elaborate. When sawing, the boards are scanned and aligned with the room dimensions thanks to a CAD drawing. So the computer finds the tailor-made planks that belong to each other. The result is planks of odd boards in their original saw shape. This looks interesting and extravagant on the ground and gives the room a lot of quaint cosiness.

Much is possible with vinyl flooring

Even under the vinyl flooring, there are unusual and special floors that are in fashion. With vinyl the most different optics are possible. For example, they are available as boards with click connection for easy installation. Here imitations of stone, wood or bright colors are announced.

Vinyl floor imitating stone is just as possible as wood imitations. A special feature of the innovative vinyl floor is that the surface texture reflects the design of the underlying digital print. Knotholes are tangible and give the floor a certain individuality. Vinyl also has the advantage that it is easy to clean.

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Floor made of acrylic varnish with individual print

The new possibilities of digital printing can also be exploited in the flooring industry. There are HDF-based acrylic varnish floors that are decorated with photo-realistic decors.

No matter if noble marble flooring or pointed glass shards, the flooring looks deceptively real. The floor is UV-resistant due to the acrylic resin varnish and does not fade. The design of a floor with your own pictures is also possible with this technique.

3D Epoxy Resin 3D Effects

Rarely found, but a real sensation is epoxy resin flooring that makes nature's impressions come alive. How about a deceptively real marine world for the bathroom? Or a jungle in the living room?

This type of flooring is for creative homes where the floor plays the main role. It becomes difficult when one does not like the ground anymore. Nevertheless, the 3D effect for floor coverings is definitely one of the most unusual ideas for the design of the floor.

There are many innovations in the field of flooring. The floors are visually more interesting and are equipped with numerous positive features. The room decides on the type of floor covering.

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