Fancy Easter Decorations in and Out of the Garden

Fancy Easter Decorations in and Out of the Garden

Blossoms, leaves, branches - our gardens are rich in natural materials for creative Easter ideas.

As a Christian festival of resurrection, Easter is also a symbol of the resurrection of nature, spring. And what better way to get it into the house than with nature itself? The table is richly laid: in the light of colorful tulips, crocuses and hyacinths, the mood is good. Grasses, twigs and fresh shoots complete the ensemble and create creative ideas.

One of the evergreens of the decoration is the vase with pussy willow or forsythia branches. Also classic wooden nest and Easter arrangements still have their place in the homes of many families. For those who prefer something more sophisticated, they create unique Easter accessories with their imagination and raw materials from the garden. This does not necessarily require skilled craftsmanship: pre-planted bowls and wreaths can be transformed into an original creation with just a few simple steps. For example, plaited wooden wreaths get a new, fascinating look when flowers and green twigs are placed between them.

Same shell, new content: the egg

Eggs can do much more than hang out, painted or decorated to hang on the Easter bouquet. Unusual and, as it were, beautiful look planted egg shells, small highlights for the house and garden. Whether they are open top or side, planted with anemones, primroses or tiny hyacinths - that's up to every decorator. The variety of possibilities makes the charm of this lively decoration. Who does not want to hang the eggs, can help them with a stylish egg cup to more support. For planting in chicken eggs, however, it requires a lot of tact, it is easier with goose or ostrich eggs. There is also a ready-made version in the trade: ceramic or clay planters in the form of an open egg.

Unique design: flowerpots

Plant containers offer plenty of room for artistic creativity: Individually painted, old ceramic pots get an unmistakable appearance Appearance. Sometimes quite unusual with abstract motives, sometimes playful or simple - everyone likes it.

Less is more: the table decoration

A mish-mash of different objects makes the board quickly restless. In addition, all the delights for Easter need enough space on the table. Tip: A uniform style usually works best, from napkins to tableware. Even here you can impress even with small accessories: Favors on the plates, for example in the form of quail eggs, homemade Easter bunny cookies or mini daffodils with name tags, inspire the guests more than a sweeping flower arrangement.

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