Faltrollo - the modern window decoration

Faltrollo - the modern window decoration

The simple yet very effective decoration A window with a folding blind becomes more and more popular, and not without reason.

With a few simple movements, the respective incidence of sunlight and light is changed while the window is decorated. It is the new bold elegance that replaces a window overflowing with curtains and blinds. In addition to the many standard sizes, which are almost suitable for every window, there is still the possibility of customization.

Simple technology and handling

A chain hoist is used to raise and lower a folding blind. Due to the stepless handling any desired darkening can be achieved. The different lengths of the chain hoist offer individual operation. If the fabric is attached to the top rail with a Velcro strip, it can be removed at any time for washing. A faltrollo can have a pleated look or it falls in big clouds. For roof windows is often offered a complete Faltrollo, which is attached by means of a click system on the window. Products that are not pleated can be made with or without cross struts. These transverse struts sewn into loops have the advantage that the fabric of the roller blind forms evenly individual folds. This results in a very nice overall picture.

Individual design with many colors and fabrics

Anyone who chooses a faltrollo these days is spoiled for choice. The color selection is gigantic and offers the right tone for every decorative purpose. Likewise, you get the most diverse designs, whether modern with stripes or just plain plain. Dots, flowers and wonderful motifs, everything is available. Similarly, there is a folding blind in many different fabric qualities, whether transparent, light fabrics or heavy damask, the possibilities are unlimited. Everyone can decide for themselves how much light should or should not go into the living space. Even completely light-tight products are very popular in some rooms, for example in the bedroom. Easy-care fabrics only need to be wiped damp while others need to be washed.

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