Extinct Crafting Profession

Extinct Crafting Profession

Ever heard of Harzer, Gasriecher or Köhler? As curious as these extinct craft trades sound, they used to be enormously important.

The Wagner-car manufacturer of the Middle Ages

Wagner, wheelwrights or wheelmakers worked in wheelwrighting, where they made wheels, carriages and carriages. The manufacturing of agricultural equipment and sled and ladders was also their job. Stellmacher existed in the GDR until the turn of 1989 - the introduction of assembly line production meant the end for this profession.

Harzer - resin collecting for turpentine & Co

Baumharz was needed to make turpentine and tar. This collected the so-called Harzer in the forest by cutting the bark and catch the escaping resin. In the extraction of rubber, this technique is still used today.

Köhler - dirty, exhausting, extinct

The occupation of the charcoal burner was - as well as the Harzer - little regarded. His job was to win charcoal. Wood was heated to three hundred degrees Celsius in ovens made for this purpose to produce coal. A sooty and exhausting crafting trade.

Cooper - extinct craftsmen continue to live

Barrels, vats, tubs - whoever needed them had to visit a cooper. Skilled trades such as the Cooper's are now extinct, because the production of tubs & Co is done industrially today. However, there are occupations such as the cooper's, which performs similar tasks as the cooper.

The gas scavenger provided security

Until the 1920s, the so-called gas scrapers were used. Their task was to investigate underground gas pipes for defects - and only with their nose and a special olfactory tube. If the craftsman found a leak, the affected road was blocked and the broken line repaired. Technical leak detectors replaced the Gasriecher after the 1920s.

typesetter - books and newspapers by hand

This extinct craftsmanship goes back to Johannes Gutenberg, who invented the printing press in 1445. Using lead type letters, the typesetter put together complete texts for newspapers and books - letter by letter in pure handcraft. He managed 1,500 characters in one hour. Until the end of the 20th century, there was this job; Today, the media designer is responsible for the computer.

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