Extending the summer in the winter garden

Extending the summer in the winter garden

A glass roof turns a winter garden into an additional room and makes plants the ideal wintering quarters.

A conservatory with a glass roof offers above all a special atmosphere. The night view of a clear starry sky is just as romantic as the pleasant patter of spring rain. Observed through the glassy sky, here shows a positive side effect when building a conservatory. If the roof is equipped with special self-cleaning glass, the visual experience remains unclouded in the long run.

Insulating glass for the best insulation

In order to be able to use the conservatory optimally, the glass roof should meet some requirements. Insulating glass is considered standard. This is made of at least two superimposed discs, which provide a special intermediate layer for optimum thermal insulation. If glass construction serves as a permanently used living space, triple-layer insulating glass is recommended. Additional weak points such as the connecting and edge pieces are repaired with so-called warm edges. This is the name of the edge where the spacer between the panes of glass is made of materials with low thermal conductivity.

Burglary protection with safety glass

A glass roof attracts burglars, especially in the dark season. Since winter garden and other ceiling glazing laminated safety glass is prescribed, it is only here to pay attention to some peculiarities. These discs have a very stable, tear-resistant safety film between the individual glass plates. So destruction is hardly impossible even with great effort. If the adjoining living room is freely accessible from the conservatory, the side glazing should also be made of safety glass.

Sun protection and heating in the winter garden

Straight conservatories with a glass roof must be protected against the effects of the weather. Unhindered solar radiation can lead to overheating. The heat builds up under the roof and makes a stay unbearable. An internally mounted roller blind can keep some of the heat away. An externally mounted sunscreen brings even more success. If this is still controlled by sensors, the desired room temperature can always be maintained. Blackout blinds simultaneously protect the greenhouse from excessive glare.

During the cold seasons, large glass fronts can cause a sharp drop in temperature. Even with very good insulation, the room temperature can not be maintained at a comfortable level. A heating system that uses sensors to automatically maintain the preset room temperature is worthwhile here. Then even tropical plants can hibernate without any problems.

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