Expert cleaning or pipe rehabilitation - when is it necessary?

Expert cleaning or pipe rehabilitation - when is it necessary?

When water is sluggish or does not drain at all, it is time for a pipe cleaning. In the event of damage, rehabilitation or even replacement is due.

Causes of clogged drains and when rehabilitation is necessary

The causes of pipe blockage are manifold: gravel, mud, leaves and deposits of grease or limescale often cause problems. But also hygiene products can clog the pipe. But how does a layman recognize that a pipe cleaning, renovation or even a complete replacement is necessary?

If a pipe is clogged up, this is noticeable by unpleasant odors. In the worst case, the sewage pipes are so clogged that the water flows out in sinks and toilets. A pipe rehabilitation is necessary, for example, if a pipe is damaged on the way to the sewerage system or in the house.

Renovation, repair or renovation of underground pipes by professionals. This process can be carried out either by a trenchless technique in which a new plastic pipe is "plowed" into the ground. This is a special technique that is done by means of a laying plow. If the pipe is severely damaged and has to be completely replaced, there is no way of avoiding exposure.

Pipe renovation generally has different work areas. It depends on the type of clogging that many specialist companies use two cleaning methods: high-pressure cleaning and the.. electromechanical cleaning.

Except in the area of ​​site drainage, high-pressure cleaners are suitable for all types of sewers. In the line to be cleaned the specialist introduces a flushing hose. Its nozzle flushes 80 liters of water per minute with a pressure of 150 bar through the pipe. As a result, impurities and deposits can be released and then flushed out.

Mechanical cleaning is mainly used by pipe rehabilitation companies in the domestic connection area. It does not matter if the problems are in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Even in complicated duct systems it does not matter what the cause of the blockage is. The electromechanical pipe cutter or various drill bits and chain slingers clean almost all incrustations and blockages.

Protection and sustainability through pipe rehabilitation

Sewer rehabilitation protects pipes against leakage of sewage. At the end of 2015, it will be mandatory for every homeowner to leak-test the pipes in his house to prove that no sewage is flowing into the groundwater.

Generally, a pipe repair (repair or replacement) should be performed at least every 20 years. However, there is no legal regulation as to when this is necessary.

Complete pipe rehabilitation can stop corrosion, reduce hydraulic losses and in some cases restore pipe stability. In general, the two types of process are able to maintain the function of the sewer pipe system and extend the service life.

Trenchless techniques offer many advantages over open refurbishments. The most important thing is that there is no digging on the street and in the garden. Tree roots are spared because no large earth masses are excavated. In addition, this version is more cost-effective.

When pipes need to be completely renewed, only digging and replacing pipes helps. Here you have to dig much deeper into your pocket.

The costs of the respective measures

Before the landlord claims a renovation or a drain cleaning, it is worth taking the costs under the microscope. These vary greatly from provider to provider and start with prices between 350 and 600 euros.

Anyone who needs a refurbishment can expect costs of 450 to 900 euros. This is due to the fact that pipe rehabilitation necessarily requires a pipe cleaning in advance.

Sometimes the pipes are too old and various layers of earth have settled under the building.

As a result, the house may sag and irreparably damage the drainpipes , In this case, nothing else remains to be remedied as in the renovation of buildings all water pipes. This is a huge cost factor, costing several thousand euros.

It's best not to wait for nasty surprises through blockages. If you have regular inspections on your pipes, it will spare your nerves. After all, the companies estimate for a review no more than 150 to 200 euros.

Inspecting the sewer line: what does it cost?

These and many other questions we answer in the price radar around the topic of sewer pipe.

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