Excavation of a pit for bungalow

Excavation of a pit for bungalow

A lot of soil is excavated for a basement building. The resulting excavated material must be removed from the construction site for re-use or disposal.

Andreas W. from Burscheid wanted to build a basement bungalow on his hillside plot. To do this, an excavation pit had to be excavated in advance and the excavated material had to be removed.

In order to make the appraiser easier to assess, Andreas W. neatly attached all necessary documents, such as soil sample, site plan and cetera as PDFs Finally, the company entrusted the Allroundprofis from Siegburg, which put them into action on the best.

Therefore Andreas W .: "The work was carried out to the complete satisfaction and perfect It is fun to work with the sympathetic and uncomplicated team. Recommended work! "

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