All in place: Outdoor Cabinet Protects Spades, Wheelbarrow & Co.

All in place: Outdoor Cabinet Protects Spades, Wheelbarrow & Co.

An outdoor cabinet is one Practical and space-saving solution for storing garden tools and protecting them from wind and weather.

Spring makes you want gardening and spades, wheelbarrows & Co. wake up from their hibernation. Maybe the garden tools were stored in the garage during the winter, but of course in summer it's nice to have everything at hand. Most of the space in the garden house is already occupied or it does not exist at all.

An outdoor cabinet creates order in the garden

An outdoor cabinet can be the solution for stowing the garden tools here. It requires little space and at the same time offers plenty of storage space, as it is built to store leafy rakes, brooms and wheelbarrows.

A garden or patio equipment cabinet keeps things tidy and an innovative solution for people who enjoy gardening work and stay there. Seat cushions and other useful items can also be stored in the outdoor cabinet.

What material should the garden cabinet be?

Cabinets for outdoor use are made of wood, metal or plastic. All materials serve their purpose. It depends on the personal preference, the design of the garden and, of course, on the wallet, which material you choose.

Wooden cabinets need more care than outdoor cabinets made of metal or plastic. The advantage of wood is that it fits best in the garden, but also plastic or metal can be designed in matching color.

It is important that the cabinet protects the garden tools from wind and water. Outdoor cabinets are therefore always waterproof, there are no gaps or cracks in the moisture can penetrate. The shelves can be integrated as desired.

High-quality materials ensure a beautiful appearance and longevity

If the garden owner decides on a plastic outdoor cabinet, he chooses a very easy-care and also inexpensive material with a modern look that works well on a terrace or garden adapts. Thanks to their material, plastic garden cabinets are virtually maintenance-free and can easily be cleaned with a rag or sprayed with the garden hose. Plastic does not rust or rupture and is UV-resistant, so the surface does not fade over time.

Rattan-look models, for example, blend well with the structure of the garden and lounge furniture on the patio.

Garden cabinets made of metal are the most expensive variants, but they are also very high quality processed. The advantage of metal is that it does not have to be repainted like wood from time to time, there is no paint that can peel off. Metal can last for decades without showing signs of aging.

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