Everything about the garden

Everything about the garden

A garden has a high utility value. Not only does it provide a habitat for many plants, it also invites you to linger in the fresh air.

For a good reason a garden is also called a "green oasis". Colorful plants are beautiful to look at and spread a pleasant scent. In the garden design, the owner can usually let his creativity run wild. For example, you can create nice places to set up the garden furniture.

There are different garden types

In general there are no requirements for gardens. The garden design takes place individually according to the respective preferences of the owner. Through a clever arrangement of plants, even the smallest front garden can become an eye-catcher. A front garden can be created on a small plot and serves only the optics. He actually has no great utility. Many property owners prefer a combination of kitchen garden and ornamental garden. In the vegetable garden, fruits and vegetables are grown, while the ornamental garden is used for recreation. Creating such a garden is only possible with sufficient land size. Another garden is the allotment. This is not right next to the house, but fulfills the same purpose as a home garden. In it the Feierabend and the weekends can be spent. He also serves the cultivation of crops. There are greenhouses in some house and allotments. They expand the possibilities of growing sensitive fruits and vegetables. In addition, they serve to advance various vegetables, which are planted outdoors at a later date.

A garden does work

Gardening takes a certain amount of time. This does not bother the owners, since this is a hobby. Gardening involves the cultivation and care of vegetables and flowers. The removal of weeds is also unavoidable. In a pure vegetable garden, it is necessary to have enough time during the harvest, because the maturity of fruit and vegetables is limited to a few days, so that a postponement is not always possible. In return, the owner benefits from fresh vegetables that are not commercially available in this form. This alone is an incentive for many people to create a vegetable garden. But even after the harvest is not yet over with the gardening. The beds for the crops have to be dug up in the autumn so that they can be sown again next spring. The amount of work involved is not small, but most hobby gardeners find the work to be relaxing.

Lawn care is important

A lawn is ideal for setting up garden furniture, and children's play equipment is also well placed. For a lawn to look good, however, it needs regular care, but it does not have to be laborious. In spring, the removal of moss and turf is required. With a scarifier, this job is done quickly. During the summer months, lawn care is limited to regular mowing. In addition, sometimes settle on the lawn and plants that do not belong there. These must be removed manually.

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