EU standard secures pools: DIN-EN standard for the garden pool

EU standard secures pools: DIN-EN standard for the garden pool

Since 2016, a garden pool has been built in accordance with the European safety standard DIN EN 16582 so that bathing fun can be enjoyed in a relaxed manner.

Everywhere there are uniform safety standards that are defined according to uniform European regulations. DIN standards ensure safety, wherever there may be security risks. Since 2016, there is the DIN EN 16582 standard for the garden pool, which deals with the safety of private swimming pools.

Which pools are covered by the standard?

The standard EN 16582-1 deals exclusively with swimming pools the private area, which have a pool height of at least 85 centimeters. It explains the users about their rights and obligations. Not everything that is specified in the standard is mandatory, there are also recommendations for safety.

Obligations for private swimming pools according to DIN EN 16582-1

Every pool in the garden, whether embedded in the ground or not, must Protected with a guard if it has an outside wall height that is less than 110 centimeters. The protective device is a fenced enclosure, a safety cover or a canopy. A specialist can advise on the suitable variant for the garden pool.

An obligation for the manufacturer is to provide pool instructions and products with easy-to-understand instructions. Important explanations and warnings should be noted with drawings.

The most important safety standard according to DIN criteria are the safety signs that must be placed on the right side in the upper part of the pool. A text should read: "Always supervise children in the water and the water environment." If you can jump into the pool, you will need another sign saying "Do not jump!".

Safety signs and text must be at a distance of not more than two meters in a well visible place. These signs are mandatory for new garden pools.

Safety recommendations for private swimming pools

In addition to the duties, recommendations are also contained in the standard DIN EN 16582.

For non-swimmers and children under the age of five, it is always necessary to have one knowledgeable supervisor is present. Weak swimmers must always wear water wings or a life jacket when they are in the pool. This is a recommendation to be found in Annex B of the standard.

Furthermore, the users of the pool should be informed about first aid measures so that they can act properly in emergency situations

All things should be removed from the pool, if no one is in it, so that no children are attracted to it. The pool should be in perfect condition.

The standard is designed to ensure safe bathing in your own garden. A specialist can advise on suitable measures.

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