Energetic Renovation for a Warm Home

Energetic Renovation for a Warm Home

An energetic renovation is primarily about minimizing the house's energy loss. This brings more heat in the house and saves money.

Houses are energetically redeveloped with different insulation methods. A thermography of the exterior walls firstly identifies the weak points on the exterior insulation, but also on windows or doors. These can be modernized with thermal glazing and a new seal. Especially old buildings often have deficits in the outer wall insulation. This leads to an uncontrolled heat loss. In addition to exterior wall renovation, window and roof insulation play an important role.

In order to avoid energy loss through the basement, this is insulated with special processes towards the ground. The so-called perimeter insulation also protects the basement against the ingress of water. If this is only used as a warehouse and not heated, a basement ceiling insulation keeps the heat in the living area above it and at the same time ensures a pleasant indoor climate.

Modernization of technical systems

Particularly aging heating systems require energy-efficient renovation. Here, the installation of a low-temperature heating is recommended. Together with condensing boilers and special heat pumps, this type of heating with large-area distribution offers the possibility of keeping the entire living space with a particularly low amount of energy at a high heat level.

The use of micro-cogeneration also saves a great deal of energy. Here, for example, the waste heat is used with the help of micro cogeneration units. The entire system is designed to extract the greatest possible energy benefits from existing heat sources with minimal effort.

Solar technology as a remedial measure

A popular and increasingly widespread type of energetic renovation is the use of solar thermal energy. Here, simplified, solar energy is converted into heat energy. That happens with solar panels on the roof. In addition, a heat storage can be used. It collects superfluous energy and releases it at a later time.

Cost and energy savings with energy-efficient refurbishment

In order to achieve the best possible savings, you should get better support from an energy consultant. He can recommend an individual energy saving plan for each house, which recommends sensible and feasible renovations. At the same time, it provides an accurate cost-benefit analysis and shows which state subsidies can be tapped.

If all structurally and energetically feasible renovation measures are implemented correctly, a formerly inefficient house can become an energy-efficient building. The energy loss is minimized, while optimally utilizing the available heat energy. With a good overall concept even older houses can reach a passive house level.

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