Removing maggots in the dustbin - the best means

Removing maggots in the dustbin - the best means

When it gets warmer in the summer, many garbage cans are attacked by maggots. From root-cause to pest-control, there are many aids.

Maggots do not provide a breeding ground

In the biowaste, maggots feel particularly well, even though there are meat scraps in them. Since these are generally not in the bio bin, the disposal of meat in the more frequently emptied residual waste bin is the first step to keep the small pest spirits away. If not a ton of frequent emptying available, it may help to plan the meat consumption without waste. Cutlets, chicken and similar foods have to wait until winter.

Plastic packaging

But even in the residual waste maggots can make themselves comfortable. A simple tip is to package the meat waste airtight. This way, flies can not lay eggs on it and the maggots can not multiply. In addition, the plastic bag ensures that no unpleasant odors escape from the dustbin,

Double bottom in the dustbin

You do not have to buy a special ton. A thick layer of newspaper or green waste on the ground can keep the garbage so dry that the maggots do not develop well. The garbage must not be stuffed into the bin.

Cleaning the garbage can regularly

If you have only minor problems with the vermin, you can simply spray out the bin with the garden hose after each emptying.

Fire lime or de-icing salt to remove the maggots

These substances are simply added to the maggot-infested waste so that the animals can enter. In the case of the bio-waste bin, first the permission of the disposal company must be obtained.

Inserting the lid correctly

A well-closed lid on the bin prevents flies from laying on the egg. If the maggots are already there, the lid is opened. The maggots crawl down in flight from the light and are at least no longer visible.

Aquarists become

This does not help against the maggot infestation, but it scares the event. Ornamental fish are happy about fresh live food, as long as one overcomes, to collect the maggots from the bin.

Non-Dandruff Spray and Gas

In the retail trade, various means of combating maggots are offered. For example, one which is glued to the tonneau lid where it forms a harmful gas for maggots and flies. Whether the funds are environmentally friendly can be inquired about the active ingredients.

Alcohol and spirit

After cleaning the barrel, the insides can be sprayed with alcohol or methylated spirits. This keeps away flies first. Although the effect weakens over time, the maggots do not climb out of the barrel.

It also helps to keep everyone calm. Flies and maggots are annoying and sometimes disgusting. However, there is no danger from the animals. If the infestation becomes so significant that the means mentioned do not help, a professional exterminator can definitely help.

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