Elevated wooden terrace - this is to be noted

Elevated wooden terrace - this is to be noted

A raised wooden terrace is a building in most countries, Its construction is subject to many regulations.

Building regulations and the elevated structure

Building regulations are a matter of country, so there are no uniform regulations. Anyone planning a raised wooden terrace, should in any case ask the competent building authority. Usually a railing around the building is required from a platform height of 50 centimeters.

Stairs that have more than three steps require a handrail. A staircase is only required if access via the terrace to the garden is desired. As a rule, it is easier to plan the steps along a wall of the house instead of using a self-supporting staircase. Furthermore, such a terrace may require a clearance. As it is a load-bearing structure, a building permit is usually required. An architect is not always necessary for these structures, but a professional accompaniment by a carpenter or a carpenter.

Foundation, floor preparation and substructure of the wooden terrace

The foundation must be grounded in the mature soil. In the vicinity of house walls, the soil is usually heaped up, which makes construction difficult. Usually, point foundations are created for each support post. For this purpose, a hole is dug into which a layer of sand is filled to level the ground. In addition, a five-centimeter-high layer of gravel is required as drainage. It is important to align the posts exactly in the holes and fix them with concrete. The builder can do this work himself.

The rest of the construction is simple. Support poles are mounted on the posts, which in turn carry decking boards or grates. This is the supporting substructure of the elevated wooden terrace. If a railing is required, this will stop at the base. The decking can also be the decking of the terrace.

A professional terrace of this type can cost up to 150 euros per square meter. Do-it-yourselfers can help with the construction of the terrace, but should not work without a specialist.

Durability of outdoor wood

Construction and construction should always be accompanied by a carpenter or rather a carpenter. This also helps in the selection of the wood. The advice of the expert is important as different cross sections are required depending on the type of wood. Any wood, even oak, weathered without suitable wood protection.

Not only the type of wood is important for durability. Without expansion joints discard the woods, non-expiring water leads to rot. The protection of the wooden construction therefore starts with the planning. A well constructed raised wooden deck only needs to be cleaned and painted regularly.

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