Pest Spraying - Useful or Not?

Pest Spraying - Useful or Not?

Pests on ornamental and crop plants annoy the gardener. The Austriebsspritzung promises remedy. Rightly so?

What is an ejection spray?

This type of crop spraying is done at the time of the spring sprouting. The reason for the timely action: pests overwinter on ornamental and fruit trees; the sprayer eliminates harmful insects and prevents future damage by spraying.

Spraying combats only pests that are on the plants at the time of treatment. These are shield, sitka and aphids, spider mites, frostbite, winder and gypsy moths. Exposure spray is not effective against diseases that cause fungi or bacteria.

The treatment uses oily spray sprays. Rapeseed oil and mineral oil are common active ingredients here. The oil film lays itself over the pests, their eggs and young caterpillars and prevents their development.

Application finds the spraying with fruit and ornamental cops. Gardeners also use the method for blue sprouts and coniferous plants such as pine, fir or larch.

How useful is the measure?

Exhalation spray prevents infestation with frequent insect pests. If a strong pest infestation was present in the previous year, the preventive treatment is recommended; also at endangered plants. For no reason and as a purely preventative measure, the spray is not recommended.

The reason: the spray not only harms the pests. Also useful insects hibernate on the plants. These include, among others, some parasitic wasps, ear wrasse and predatory mites. These beneficial insects help to naturally control pest infestation in the warm season.

In addition, it should be noted that the measure only works against pests that are on the plant at the time of spraying. The risk of an infestation is therefore not automatically banned for the entire year. Thus, aphids can enter the garden via winged lice. Worm fruits also occur because the insect pests deposit their eggs after excrement spraying.

If you want to specifically protect your garden against pest infestation, this biologically compatible alternative is well-advised: beneficial insects such as birds and insects keep harmful insects under control. Insect hotels and birdhouses provide the animals with space to feel comfortable in the garden.

Spraying against pests - only in case of emergency

Spraying is only necessary if infested in the previous year or in endangered plants. Better attract beneficial insects to keep the pests at bay.

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