Efficient heating thanks to attic insulation

Efficient heating thanks to attic insulation

Attic insulation is ideal for unexploded storage tanks. It is easy to install and helps to save on heating costs.

For efficient heating, the right thermal insulation is essential. Not only does it provide significantly lower heating costs, it also protects the environment by reducing the consumption of heating medium and also serves as fire protection. Especially in buildings with unexploited attic much heat is lost over this. In addition, this also has a negative effect on the climate in the rooms below. Here, attic insulation can be relieved with little effort.

With attic insulation, heating costs can be reduced by up to 30 percent. In addition, it is much easier to install. Depending on whether the attic is to remain accessible or not, different insulation materials come into question. Here, the possibilities range from simple felt to ceiling tiles that allow storage to be used as storage space.

Ceiling felt or insulation boards

The simplest insulation is the so-called roof insulation, the application of insulating materials to the floor. Rolling out of felt is particularly fast. If the attic but remain accessible, ceiling panels come into question. They mostly consist of hard foam and mineral wool. For all insulating materials, a two-layer application with staggered joints is recommended in order to achieve optimum effect.

Basically, care must be taken to ensure that the material is laid without gaps. In order to avoid mold formation due to condensation, it is recommended, especially in the case of wooden beam ceilings, to lay a vapor barrier film. Depending on the material used, the costs for attic insulation range between 25 and 45 euros per square meter, whereas the non-accessible variant with felt covers is the cheapest.

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