Drilling Your Own Well - Step by Step

Drilling Your Own Well - Step by Step

Drilling a decorative well in your own garden is very convenient. However, well construction requires careful planning.

1. Carefully planning your own well

Before the landlord can drill his own well, he must first clarify two things: First, where on the property and at what depth is the groundwater. The garden owner can determine where water is present through test drilling.

On the other hand, he must inquire in advance from the competent authority whether there is a permit requirement for his building project. Depending on the municipality and state, different guidelines apply, which must be adhered to. The authority can tell how deep the drilling must be to convey groundwater.

second Well rings and auger

Once the legal requirements have been clarified and the depth of the well is determined, the do-it-yourself dealer has to get equipment and materials. To drill a service well, the auger is the most important implement. Here, the well builder can decide whether he works with muscle power or more conveniently with a motorized well drill.

In practice, well rings of sixty centimeters high and one hundred centimeters in diameter have proven to be useful. These are available with and without crampons, the latter being the better choice for the case of need. For example, sixteen rings are needed for eight meters of well depth.

3. Drill the well hole for a well

Now the drill starts on the pre-dug hole. Clockwise, this has to screw completely into the soil down to the drill spindle. The auger can be extended by attaching additional poles. In order to drill your own well perfectly, it is advisable to continue working without pressure and slowly to the water-bearing layer. To make sure that the water does not drain, the drill goes down one more meter.

4. Set the well rings

Once the hole for the well construction has been dug, the well rings come into the shaft. The first ring is the most important and must be one hundred percent straight. Only when it sits exactly, follow the next rings. If the fountain ring tower reaches a height of about three meters, a two-centimeter thick layer of gravel is poured in.

The gravel serves as a filter and causes the hobby gardener to obtain clear water. Afterwards, the handyman can gradually put on the remaining fountain rings.

5. Filling the edge of the well

So that the garden owner can pump water from his own well, he needs the right pump. Of course, this depends on the depth of the well. Subsequently, the well edge can be filled up around. For this purpose, the excavated soil is ideally suited. Compacted with sand, enriched with topsoil and nicely planted, it fulfills a decorative purpose in addition to obtaining water.

. 6 The last steps

For optical fine grinding, it is recommended to surround the protruding fountain rings with field stones or clinker. If you prefer a more rustic look, you can roof the garden fountain and hang hanging baskets on it. In any case, a lid must not be missing, so that no one accidentally falls into the well.

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