Sink drain height - this is important

Sink drain height - this is important

The drainage height of the washbasin depends on the installation height, the shape and the type of drainage. The standards do not apply to private baths.

Washbasin mounting heights

Different dimensions of washbasins are required for public buildings, rental housing and disabled access. In the private bathroom everyone can determine the height of the pool themselves. In addition to the drain, angle valves are also to be planned for the water supply. These are usually under the sink, to the right and left of the drain. The drainage height depends on the mounting height of the washbasin and the type of basin or drain valve. The dimensions generally apply from the top of the finished floor. These DIN standards are common:

  • The top of the washbasin (DIN 68935) must be 850 to 950 millimeters above the floor.
  • Typical mounting heights are 850, 900 and 950 millimeters. Most of them are mounted at a height of 850 millimeters.
  • In hotels, the height is usually 900 millimeters.
  • For a disability-friendly extension (DIN 18025), the mounting height must be below 840 millimeters.
  • The usual mounting height in handicapped facilities is 800 millimeters.

What to pay attention to the discharge height

This depends on the shape of the sink and the drain valve. The manufacturers give hints. Builders are well advised to adhere to these dimensions during installation, so that the drainage of the sink is done quickly. The distance between the upper edge of the sink and the drain is crucial. The dimensions are given from the upper edge of the finished floor. Therefore, builders have to convert if they attach the sink at a different height than in the DIN standard called. As a rule, there is enough space between the drain valve of the washbasin and drain to install the drain of a washing machine. This procedure makes sense during installation:

  • With a mounting height of 850 millimeters, the drain is at a height of 500 to 560 millimeters above the floor (standard mounting height).
  • At a different height: Distance drain height from 290 to 350 millimeters under the upper edge of the washbasin.
  • Consider type of drainage - with eccentric valve (outlet operated by a lever) is 320 mm, with plug 300 mm required.
  • Determine the desired mounting height of the washbasin.
  • Required distance to the drain
  • Detach the distance from the installation height to determine the discharge height above the finished floor.
  • Add height difference between the planned finished floor and the existing untreated floor to the measure to correctly install the drainage.

Do not set the installation heights too high

In view of later letting, builders should not plan the discharge height too high.

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