Down to earth with new tiles

Down to earth with new tiles

Sometimes it's not enough just to get a new cut and a seal. Sometimes the floor needs a completely new make-up. The tiler, for example, can help.

Whether it's due to scratches, cracks, general wear and tear, or if one no longer likes the old flooring - every year the floor needs a new look.

Also with Najwa C. It had been time for a change of flooring in the kitchen from Berlin and she had decided for noble black tiles. In order to have them laid, she commissioned F & C, also based in Berlin.

In no time the new tiles were laid and Najwa C. can now enjoy her beautiful shine.

She writes: "Very much reliable and clean professional work, easy to use, only recommended. "

How much does tiling cost?


We answer these and many other questions on our topic page about working with tiles!

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