Do not forget refrigerators and freezers for spring cleaning

Do not forget refrigerators and freezers for spring cleaning

Save energy with regular cleaning of refrigerators and freezers! Cooling accounts for around a quarter of household electricity consumption.

Often, during spring cleaning, the refrigerators and freezers are forgotten when the home is brought to a shine. In fact, freezers and coolers consume more electricity than necessary due to dust and dirt.

Proper cleaning of the fridge and freezer

Since power consumption during cooling and freezing already consumes around a quarter of the total electricity consumption of an average household, it is worthwhile Be sure to allow the units to operate without obstruction.

In fixed units, the grille should be cleaned of dirt and dust at least twice a year to allow the air to circulate freely. Even inside, the refrigerator or freezer should be cleaned of impurities. Without cleaning the cooling units, microorganisms can multiply rapidly and form bad odors.

For hygienic food storage, regularly clean the shelves with warm water and neutral soap or detergent. A damp and soft cloth is best for this purpose. Scouring pads are unsuitable for this as they can scratch the glass plates.

When cleaning, always check and clean the rubber seals of the equipment. In the event of damage, they should be replaced because they can escape cold and therefore energy.

Defrost the freezer regularly

If a freezer is not regularly defrosted, it consumes more energy than necessary. Even an ice layer of one centimeter doubles the power consumption of the device.

It is important to always switch off the cooling units and disconnect the power plug when cleaning, if it is not a built-in device.

Modern devices do not have to be defrosted Smart Frost and Low-Frost technology prevents icing. The inner walls of these units are exceptionally smooth, and compartments and drawers can be removed for easy cleaning.

Noteworthy to Save Energy Permanently when Cooling

Generally, energy is saved when only chilled food is placed in the fridge or freezer be put. Defective seals and thermostats should always be replaced immediately.

Care should also be taken to keep the units in a cool location wherever possible. This noticeably reduces power consumption.

The temperature in the refrigerator should not be set too cool. Optimally, it is in the range of about seven degrees.

Is it worth buying a new refrigerator or freezer?

Devices that are more than ten years old should be replaced to save energy costs and protect the environment. New appliances consume significantly less energy. The savings can be up to more than 70 percent if it is a new cooling unit of the energy efficiency class A +++.

The HAUSGERÄTE + initiative provides good information on energy efficiency in the home. It offers manufacturer-neutral information on the needs-based equipment and efficient use of the refrigerator and freezer.

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