Change of territory on four wheels: Moving with animals

Change of territory on four wheels: Moving with animals

Moves are stressful - especially for animals. Those who want to spare their beloved four-legged friends as many hardships as possible should observe a few rules.

Animals are particularly sensitive to unfamiliar situations and therefore need special attention. On the day of the move, that means twice the stress: for the animals themselves and for the people who have to cope with the normal relocation chaos. So the best thing to do is look for animal care during the move or ask friends if they can accommodate them for a short time. But even those who can not find a home for their pet do not have to despair.

Preparation is half the battle.

If the dog, cat and co. Are at home on the day of the move, it is advisable to prepare a room for the animal - with everything the animal heart desires: a sleeping possibility, the drinking and feeding bowl and of course the animal toilet. This not only calms the animals, but also prevents them from getting in the way of the relocation helpers. For dogs, it has also proven to give them time to go out just before the move. So they pull themselves exhausted on the cozy dog ​​blanket.

Only when all moving boxes are stowed in the car, the animal can move. Therefore, a move box should always be reserved during the relocation planning in order to quickly and spontaneously stow the last animal utensils: Bottles with bottled water, pet food for a few days, feeding and drinking bowl, the favorite toys of the pet and other things, such as the Sleeping blanket or fur brush.

When transporting: Animals are not objects

Especially cats make a move. For even more stress, it helps to put them in a basket in good time. Whether in the cat basket or in your own cage, for all animals: Never stow the animal together with the moving goods in the moving trailer, but always in the driver's cab or your own vehicle.

After the move, the animals then need time to get started get used to the new environment. As with the excerpt, it is also advisable to prepare a separate room for the transitional period. Once the rest of the apartment is set up, the animal can also explore the new home. Cats who are also out and about should stay in the apartment for a few weeks before they get used to it. On the other hand, the move with small animals, which only require sufficient food and water outside their cage, is uncomplicated.

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