Dig Earth and Build Pool

Dig Earth and Build Pool

Around one To build pool with oval basins 8 meters x 4 meters x 1.50 meters, at least 50m³ of earth must be excavated.

Do it yourself or hire a craftsman?

Around a pool with oval basin in size 8 meters x 4 To build meters x 1.50 meters, 50 m³ earth must be excavated (50,000 liters), even a little more, because you still need a little space for further work. The excavation will be about 10 meters x 6 meters x 1.70 meters in size, and the manholes for the tubing must be excavated at least 1.20 meters deep. Without excavator this first step is unmanageable, which speaks for the commission of a craftsman.

Preliminary work

Before the bottom plate can be cast, the position for it must be measured and marked. The pool size is the inside dimension of the future pool, the floor slab itself should be at least 9 meters x 6 meters and have a height of about 20 cm, for this 11 m³ of lean concrete must be processed. In addition, the work for the floor slab must be carried out absolutely in balance and really smooth.

A floor nozzle should still be installed while the floor slab is laid, as it will later become a much appreciated installation and greatly facilitate cleaning work in the pool. For oval basins, two 36er retaining walls have to be built on the right and left sides, so that the pool can maintain its oval shape. This is very important, because enormous forces are working.

Pool construction

After completing this preliminary work, the further pool can be built by yourself , The laying out of an insulating mat, the erection of the steel wall basin, the cutting out of the openings for pool headlights, inlet nozzles and skimmers can be done by hand with a little craftsmanship by handyman. Then you can hang the film without creases and attach the handrail. Then the foil is cut in the openings for pool headlights, inlet nozzles, floor nozzle and skimmer and the parts are installed. An inspection shaft for the cables of the headlights should not be forgotten. In the next step, the tubing can be made and the sand filter can be connected with a pump.

From here, an electrician must be assigned to install and wire the pool control, the floodlights and the prescribed Fi safety switch. This time can be used by DIY enthusiasts to apply external insulation around the pool and backfill its outer edge, as well as the hoses and hoses.

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The final rest are fine works. If you have installed the pool at ground level, you can move an attractive poolside, with Bankirai or granite stones, at will. You also have to fix the pool ladder. It is advantageous to admit about 10 cm of water in the pool and to smooth any existing wrinkles on the pool floor. After that, the pelvis can be filled. For the admission of 50.000 liters of water one needs over a garden hose a whole day. Chlorine, anti-germicide and flocculants are added to the skimmer.

When all the work is done properly, the water surface is level, the tubing has the right slope, the pool pump can be switched on.

It does not work without craftsmen, everything Doing yourself is an art nobody can do.

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