Destroy Field Winch - These Tips Can Help You

Destroy Field Winch - These Tips Can Help You

Field winds - start fighting in time

The weeds grow in long tendrils, which are covered with elongated leaves. After a few days, funnel-shaped pink or light blue flowers appear. From August, the seeds ripen, so it is important to control the plant before flowering. The seed remains germinable for up to three years, making it much more difficult to destroy.

Do not put any plant parts in the compost

The field winch is extremely resistant. All removed parts belong exclusively to the household waste. Even dried roots can recover and form a new plant.

Everyday fighting is important

The plants have a branched root system that reaches up to two meters deep. The longer the tendrils provide the roots with nutrients, the wider they spread. To take the strength out of plants, use a weed cutter every day to prune out all emerging shoots.

Dig up roots

In the long term, dig out roots with a digger fork on a sunny and windy day. Do not use a spade - this splits the root system too much and that is problematic. Because even small root pieces develop into new field winds. Only those who remove all roots to a depth of at least one meter have a chance of fighting.

Destroy the weeds with PET bottles

The root system reaches deep into the ground, complete removal is often not possible. It has worked well over any root piece that can not dig up to put a beverage bottle. The field winds grow into these, but can not reach the earth's surface. If the bottle is completely under the ground, it costs the plant a lot of strength and the growth is suppressed.

Thoroughly sift out the root remnants

When roots are dug up, the loosened soil contains many small root pieces. From each of these pieces grows a new field winds. In order to destroy the weeds in the garden, the soil must be freed from these residues with a fine sieve.

Chemical Combat of the Winds

Glyphosate-based weed killers have proven to be effective in destroying winds. It is important to grow the plant out of the soil about a meter beforehand and to dab all leaves with the product. Tip: A foil underneath the plant prevents this total weed killer from reaching other plants.

Covering is the best method

Covering the beds with weed fleece keeps all stubborn weeds, including Giersch, in check. The fleece is cut to plant flowers or vegetables cross shaped at the planting site. In addition, winches that show up at the planting site are directed into a PET bottle that is wrapped with fleece.

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