Creating a bath cover - the most beautiful possibilities

Creating a bath cover - the most beautiful possibilities

Renovating the bathroom also includes beautifying the bathroom cover. There are several ways to make them beautiful and mold-proof.

Design the ceiling with color

If the surface is level and stable, there is no reason to oppose a ceiling design with color. But this must be suitable for wet rooms, such as a special kitchen and bath color. The embellishment succeeds only if the underground is carefully freed from loose old coatings. Usually two coats are required. A primer with a deep base and a subsequent beautifying coat.

Plasterboard for the bathroom cover

For crooked bathtowels, a blanket in the drywall method makes sense. This must always be mounted at a distance to the existing ceiling. The room will be at least a little lower. With this method, it is possible to significantly reduce the room height.

Plasterboard panels have several advantages over wood: they do not burn and do not tend to mold. For this they must be filled after painting and painted. A subsequent design with a suitable color for wet rooms is therefore essential. Therefore, designing with plasterboard only makes sense if the ceiling is to be suspended or the existing ceiling is too crooked to be painted.

Wood panels for the bathroom

Wooden ceilings give a room a cozy touch. This makes panels for bathrobes fully in line with the trend in cozy bathrooms that are designed as wellness oases. It is important that the wood be suitable for wet rooms and be installed with a rear ventilation. The wooden ceiling is always slightly lower than the original room height.

For very high ceilings, you can use panels to hang the ceiling. Recessed spotlights are ideal for lighting. The design of ceilings with wood has another advantage: crooked ceilings or deep holes in the plaster disappear behind the cladding.

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Paint-tension ceilings, the ideal solution for damp rooms

Stretch ceilings are fitted with strips in which a watertight layer is applied Polymer sheet is hung. The film can be mounted just below the ceiling or at a greater distance. It seals the room to the ceiling, moisture can not collect behind it.

Spotlights can be installed in the ceilings via inserts. The high-gloss foils reflect the space. This effect makes small bathrooms appear larger. The slides are also available with different prints. For example, the bathroom ceiling can be designed with a sky.

Light Ceilings for Special Effects

A variation of the Stretch Ceilings are luminous ceilings. Translucent but opaque films are braced in these ceilings. They scatter the light and provide indirect lighting. A nearly shadow-free even lighting is particularly important in a bathroom.

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