Descaling irrigation water - useful tips

Descaling irrigation water - useful tips

Water is the lifeblood of all plants. To ensure that they are optimally supplied, the irrigation water must be descaled. There are several methods.

Most gardeners use regular tap water to water their plants. Depending on the region, the degree of hardness of the water may vary. This can be checked by means of an indicator stick from the garden market. If the water reaches a degree of hardness of more than 21 degrees, it is unusable and descaled for plant supply.

Lime-containing irrigation water causes plants to absorb nutrients poorly and to suffer from deficiency symptoms.

Hang peat bags in the irrigation water

Who can decalcify its irrigation water, can rely on the proven peat method. For this a sack of peat is to be put into a container filled with water overnight.

For example, this sack may be a worn-out nylon sock or made of cotton.

Put wood in water

Alternatively, a large piece of wood may soften water. Simply put in a water container, the wooden block neutralizes the lime. Depending on the size of the container, several pieces may be needed.

Mixing Precious Wet

If you have a well, you can mix the tap water with pure well water. But you can also use distilled water from the hardware store. Ideal is a mixing ratio of two-thirds of water from the line and a third distilled.

Boil the liquid

For the purpose of plant irrigation hobby gardener cooks hard water at 60 degrees. For this, the plant friend can either use a pot or the kettle. Due to the high electricity costs, this method of water softening is certainly costly.

Descaling with Vitamin C

You can also decalcify irrigation water, in which the hobby gardener adds vitamin C, which contains pure citric acid. It works in tap water as well as in the household as a decalcifier. It is recommended to obtain the acid as a powder and to dissolve in water.

Improving water quality through filters

If you want to improve the quality of the water used for casting, you can do this with a water filter. For small amounts, this may be useful. However, larger amounts are usually needed, making the effort costly.

The Simplest Method

Instead of using potable water, the garden owner can set up tons in the garden and catch the rainwater.

That's not all the most cost effective solution, but also a healthier option for the garden plants. In addition, the hobby gardener does not have to worry about how he can best descale his irrigation water.

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