Demolition of a three-car garage in Cologne

Demolition of a three-car garage in Cologne

Where something new is created, the old often has to give way - at least in densely built-up areas Regions.

In Cologne, a three-storey masonry garage stood in the way of the construction of a detached house. To pave the way, Marco L.G. an order that included the demolition of the approximately 9m x 7m measuring elements, the removal of the foundations and the removal of the accumulated building rubble.

This work was carried out by the company Stark around the house from Dortmund. Now nothing stands in the way of the new building.

Satisfied with the implementation, Marco LG wrote: "On schedule, competent, clean! PERFECT!"

Stark also around the house commented positively on his client: "Very friendly, uncomplicated and fast payments. "

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