Paint iron gate? - Possibilities of applying paint

Paint iron gate? - Possibilities of applying paint

When painting iron gates, preparation is very important. Four different methods are suitable for the finish coat.

Preparing Iron Doors

No paint can last long without proper iron preparation. Loose rust and dirt can best be removed with a rotating wire brush. Rust converters are suitable for solid rust. These are only suitable for painting. Painted surfaces can be roughened with sandpaper. If the iron is galvanized, a zinc wash with water containing ammonia and detergent is required.

Applying Rust Protection and Primer

Modern paint systems based on synthetic resin are a primer and anti-rust paint in one. Since the protection increases with increasing layer thickness, these colors are viscous and adjusted for brushing. Since rolling on large surfaces, such as a garage door, is easier than painting, it is advisable to roll three times with slightly diluted paint.

When painting, two jobs are sufficient. After priming, the design is done with a metal paint for the exterior in the desired color.

Electrostatic Spraying for Home Improvement

The idea is simple. The spray gun charges the paint particles, the iron gate is earthed and is therefore electrically neutral. The charged particles settle evenly around the metal due to the electrostatic attraction. The coating is applied simultaneously to the front and back of the iron gate.

An ingenious solution for filigree gates, the process is widely used in industry. The home improvement devices are under-performing to get good results. This method is therefore only suitable for industrial use.

Spraying is an alternative for gratings and wrought iron

Iron gates that do not have larger surfaces, such as constructions made of profiles and grids, can be spray gun or with beautify a spray can. The spray also gets into small cracks.

If you do not have any exercise with the equipment, you should better reach for the brush. In the small columns often collects the color. It comes to noses in the paint, because the color runs out of them. Anyone who masters the art of spraying vertically and with a constant distance will be the fastest to reach their goal, even with large surfaces.

Rolling is only interesting for surfaces

The roll can be used to coat large surfaces evenly. The paint roller on surfaces is superior to all other methods of applying paint. However, before painting a corner with a brush is sensible.


Brushing is an option on most types of iron gates and is often a useful method. With a wide brush flat goals are quickly painted, for gates with fine structures are narrow brushes. Any painting is possible with these tools. Profile coaters often work with brushes.

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