Painting balcony boards - how it works

Painting balcony boards - how it works

Wooden balcony boards need a new coat of paint from time to time. To achieve a good result, some aspects of painting are important.

Noteworthy when painting the balcony

In contrast to weatherproof aluminum frames, wooden balconies need a new coat from time to time. Before the balcony gets a new coat of paint, some preliminary considerations are necessary: ​​

  • What wood is the railing made of?
  • How much paint is needed for the painting?
  • Is it a first or a follow-on painting?
  • Which color should the railing receive?
  • Should the entire balcony be painted or only individual beams repaired?
  • Is painting a rental apartment permitted under the lease?

Especially in rental apartments, it is important to clarify whether or not New painting by the landlord is allowed. If the painting is permitted, it should be clarified in advance whether the tenant or landlord pays for the costs.

Pretreatment of the balcony boards

Decisive in the pretreatment of the balcony boards is whether it is a first or a follow-on painting ,

  • Unscrew the balcony boards before machining.
  • Clean screws and nuts with a wire brush.
  • Balcony boards to be sanded down
  • Lightly moisten the wood before sanding.
  • Sand boards with a sanding machine.
  • Level small irregularities with sandpaper.
  • Fill holes or small cracks in the wood with a wooden spatula

If the old paint is paint, it can be removed by pickling or by dissolving a hot air blower. The varnish layer is then simply removed with a spatula from the substrate.

Procedure for brushing

When staying on the balcony, vapors and vapors of paints, varnish or glazes are inhaled. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to products that are not harmful to health when selecting colors. The paint must also be suitable for the substrate and be weather-resistant.

  • Remove dust and other dirt particles from the balcony boards.
  • Apply a primer for the wood protection.
  • Leave the primer to work before applying.
  • Depending on the type of wood
  • Apply a cross coat to obtain a uniform color result.
  • Apply a second coat depending on the color intensity.
  • Allow freshly painted balcony railing to dry well.

For a great result is the right tool needed. For paints, rollers are best suited for applying to the railing. A brush is the right choice for colors.

Painting a balcony is easy to do

If you pay attention to some important tips, painting the balcony boards is a task that is done within a day.

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