Decoration with hydrangeas - the 5 most creative tips

Decoration with hydrangeas - the 5 most creative tips

The large globular inflorescences of the hydrangeas are magnificent. They are fresh or dried for very unusual and creative decors.

A colorful permanent decoration

The flowers can be excellently preserved. The trick is simple: The fully matured flower is cut with, the style should not be longer than 20 centimeters. This flower comes in a vase containing a mixture of one part of glycerine with two parts of water.

Not only do the hydrangeas retain their color, they act like a fresh flower from the garden for months. The wreaths are versatile decorations.

The flowers also retain their color when they dry head-down in a breezy dark place. Dried hydrangeas are a perfect match for autumnal bouquets with ears and grasses. They also look beautiful when individual flower balls are on a shelf.

Tip: Hang the flowers to dry in small bushes on hooks to the cloakroom in the hallway. They are a nice decoration even while they are drying.

Unusual Vases for Extraordinary Flowers

The round flowers become the decoration on the coffee table when they are in large cups in the middle of the table. If there is a matching coffee pot to the cups, this can also serve as a vase. Even napkins and beautiful tea towels are suitable as vases. The bouquets are in simple glasses, which are wrapped with the fabric.

Opposites Attract

Pastel-colored or white hydrangeas blend with rich blue flowers such as Larkspur. The contrast in the colors is underlined by the different forms. The bright balls of the hydrangeas form a striking contrast to the narrow panicles of the delphinium.

This combination is a beautiful table decoration.

Green flowers provide variety

Delicate green as a flower is unusual and visually rounds off flower bundles. This flower color of hydrangeas is ideal, if at a wedding no uniform white is desired, but also no colorful colors to disturb the overall picture. The flowers are perfect to decorate the church and the car.

In general: green flowers bring in every bouquet an interesting change and they match all other flower colors.

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