Decoration Tips for the Kitchen

Decoration Tips for the Kitchen

Functionally, a kitchen should always be, but only the decoration brings individuality. If you like, you can choose your own decoration tips.

In kitchens, space is often in short supply, so it's important to combine beauty with usefulness. Those who like to try on deco tips can even save money by making their own kitchen decoration.

Shops Provide Inspiration

Strolling through a shop with interior design ideas can give hobbyists a lot of creative inspiration. If individual pieces of decoration are looked at precisely and in detail, their astonishing simplicity sometimes stands out. This can certainly be an incentive to imitate. To make your own, a few photos or a quick-made sketch can serve as a thought support.

Above all, high-quality and therefore expensive kitchen decoration is usually more durable than it can ever be homemade. But must the spice rack or the hanging rack for cooking utensils really be made of chrome and thus for eternity? In many cases, these accessories end up in the basement or at the flea market after a few years. Stability is often an indispensable feature, but longevity may be secondary to home decorating.

DIY Kitchen Gadgets

Homemade items outperform some retail kitchen utensils solely for their individuality. Even some items that would end up in the trash can be used decoratively. A good example of this are commercially available corrugated metal tin cans. Provided that the can opener has left no sharp edges, tin cans provide an excellent way to store cooking utensils.

Special eye-catchers are nicely printed tin cans, which are rare in this country, but in some countries are commonplace. Several copies, with the side screwed to a varnished wooden plate, become a decorative hanging silo for all sorts of kitchen stuff. If you would like to embellish unprinted cans yourself, you can paint them, paint ornaments with decoupage or decorate them with napkin technique.

Grids or grates that hang from the ceiling above the cooking island offer practical storage space for pots and pans. Many amateur cooks praise the advantages of these hanging racks available from the kitchen utensils, which certainly have their price due to the material. However, cheaper alternatives can be found in the furniture store: individually retrofittable shelves and mesh shelves for metal shelves. Reliably and stably attached to the ceiling with metal chains, they do the same service and are no less appealing.

Even for the ever-popular Knife Block there is a very simple self-made idea: all it takes is a decorative vessel, densely packed with upright standing wooden skewer skewer. Knives can simply be tucked in between.

Decorative tips - beautiful and creative

Even relief kitchen pictures are made quickly: for example with Grandma's cutlery, which is far too good a piece to store it somewhere in the basement. Fastened with hot glue on a varnished board, knives, forks, spoons as wall decoration come back to life.

The kitchen theme is also matched by lifelike, not too large plastic fruit - such as strawberries or cherries. This is glued to one or more stretched stretcher bars using hot glue. A group of similar pictures on the wall looks particularly decorative.

Great labels, pictures from an herbal book or beautiful cards with a kitchen motif are enlarged in the copy shop and then framed. Or the favorite motif is reproduced on light linen or cotton fabric. From the self-designed fabric, a complete range of decorative kitchen textiles can be inexpensively sewn: tea towels, pot holders, napkins, tablecloths.

Many DIY do-it-yourself tips are based on misappropriations that always seem creative and surprisingly different. An old Guglhupfform becomes a lampshade, colorfully printed cans grow herbs and potatoes and onions are stored in a wooden wine box. For the spring decoration, early bulb flowers are not placed in flowerpots but in old collection cups on the kitchen window sill.

Look closely and imitate

Not every decorative part will be replicated one-to-one. Then creativity is needed. Sometimes it can also make sense to choose a different material or a different size, because you as a layman just cope better.

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