Forest Decoration - Notes

Forest Decoration - Notes

The forest has many materials that are suitable for decoration. But even with purchased products, the forest can be brought home.

The forest is a place to breathe deeply and recharge your batteries. This mood can be brought home with decorative materials from nature. Especially the fall invites you to tinker with leaves and pine cones. Even for unskilled people, there are ways to pick up on the subject of forest.

Get autumn decoration out of the forest

In autumn, when nature presents itself in the most beautiful colors, the forest offers many decorative materials. Everyone still knows from school tinkering with pressed leaves, chestnuts or beechnuts. Fir branches, spruce cones, moss or fallen branches are also useful.

In the end you just have to open your eyes and be inspired, then come the ideas for the decoration.

Prepare the materials before decoration

Since the Forest is not a sterile craft shop, all materials are to be cleaned. It is also necessary to check whether there are vermin, fungi or the like on the finds. Furthermore, make sure that everything is dry, otherwise there is a risk of mold.

Leaving the materials from the forest to dry for a while in a dry room outside the house, the decoration can be easily processed later. Found leaves can be pressed between newspapers and heavy books. On the other hand, berries, nuts, wood or moss require a longer drying time.

Craft Ideas for the Autumn Decoration

As versatile as the habitat forest is, so versatile are the craft ideas. With pressed leaves you can conjure a picture. Fruits, pine cones and co. Make arrangements or wind chimes. Table decorations, Christmas decorations, sculptures and figures are other possibilities that can also be done with children.

In order to perfectly present the forest decoration, branches or roots can be finely sanded and oiled. Thereafter, the pieces can be changed with hoes, candle holders or LED lighting. At the end, add some fine accents with fruits, stones and cones and you will have home-made accessories from the forest.

Forest decoration to buy

If there is no forest right outside the door or if you do not feel like making crafts, then the forest can get into your own four walls with purchased items. Especially on platforms such as Dawanda self-made deco items are offered on the subject of forest. From the candlestick to the window decoration everything is there.

Another possibility are pictures or photo wallpapers with forest motifs, which can be ordered on the Internet. With the appropriate music, such as forest noises, the city dwellers can feel as if they were in the forest.

Forest and decoration fit like a fist in the eye

The forest is both a source of inspiration and a relaxation zone. Decoration and forest that fits, whether bought or homemade

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