Decoration made of natural materials - ideas for indoors and outdoors

Decoration made of natural materials - ideas for indoors and outdoors

Wood is one of the

Simple decoration for indoor and outdoor use

By simple means, such as wooden balls with carved decorations, a wooden coaster or tray, simple glasses and pillar candles you quickly design an appealing table decoration. The individual elements can be arranged side by side in an atmospheric way. Hydrangea flowers and hazel branches complement the table decoration.

The color of the flower panicles ideally harmonizes with the color of the candles, so it looks particularly stylish. Elegant and classic are mainly white flowers and candles. The arrangement of wood, glass, flowering branches and candles is suitable as an atmospheric table decoration for the garden, but also for the living area.

Easter decoration made of natural materials

As soon as Christmas is over, spring is longed for. Early in the trade early bloomers such as hyacinths, daffodils, daffodils, chimney sweeps and daisies are offered in small plant pots. They are ideal for Easter decoration.

Simple wooden boxes and wicker baskets that are lined with foil serve as a planting base. The selected early flowering plants are arranged behind and next to one another to create a harmonious overall picture. Higher flowers are placed in the background and low ones in the foreground.

Small willow branches can be put between the flowers. In the front of the flat area there is a bow made of decorative ribbon or an Easter element, for example a bunny. The potting soil is covered all around with fresh moss. The box or basket can be placed in the entrance area next to the door, but also indoors, on the table or on the windowsill.

A wreath for table decoration

A wreath made of natural materials is always a successful table decoration. As a base, various commercial blanks of straw, grasses and branches can serve. Walking through the forest, however, you will find enough natural materials to make a wreath yourself.

A mixture of more stable and bendable branches, such as birch, is particularly suitable for this purpose. The branches are made in the desired size in a round shape and then wrapped tightly with flower wire. The flower wire is covered with a thick cord of jewelery.

In between, the other finds from the forest are now glued. This can be bark pieces and tree fruits, such as beechnuts, cones, nuts or chestnuts. Even berry fruits are beautifully accentuated by a wreath. To attach the natural materials is best a hot glue gun, which is available in every hardware store and craft store.

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