Deco: Kennedy Flair for the Summer Room

Deco: Kennedy Flair for the Summer Room

He is as clear as a sea breeze, elegant yet casual. Style icon Jackie Kennedy presided over him - the relaxed East Coast style.

Taking the summer lightly, like the rich, the beautiful and the famous fleeing to their beach houses in the stifling heat of New York City. Just like on the island of Long Island on the coast, the Hamptons, you can do that too: With just a few moves, a few meters of white cloth, even collected shells and maritime accessories, the Long Island flair can be conjured up in your own four walls.

White - the color of the Hamptons

Natural materials play the main roles in Beach Cottage: wicker, linen, sisal, cotton and, of course, wood. This often comes untreated, oiled or waxed, like also white glazed used. White takes the heaviness of the massive wood and is the color of light living in the Hamptons - whether opulent buffet cabinet or cozy Hussensofa. Closely followed only by natural wood and rattan furniture.

Something shabby chic is allowed

Furniture and accessories may like to wear some patina. And what is not old, gets the vintage chic just retrospectively, can be refined with supposed signs of wear. But care must not be too shabby, after all, elegance, albeit a casual one, characterizes the East Coast style.

The natural tone palette, a tribute to the beach and dunes, interrupts only the color of the sea. It stands for freshness and clarity, whether sky, steel, azure or gray blue. Sparingly dosed blue sets wonderful accents and comes as a soloist, but also in patterns or stripes used. While rich blue brings a kick of freshness to white-dominated interiors, the gray nuances provide gentle elegance. Color-coordinated curtain and cushion fabrics, throws and covers transform the home into a fine beach house in no time.

Maritime accessories determine the look

The accessories are ultimately the deciding factor. They should be maritime, under no circumstances should lanterns be lacking, like plain and noble nature. Nautical equipment such as binoculars, sextants or ropes are suitable for decoration as well as shells or corals. But here, too much of the good is slightly overweight and cheesy. After all, it's all about the simple life on the beach.

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