Decoration ideas with vases

Decoration ideas with vases

Vases belong in every household. Decorated with flowers, they are particularly atmospheric. Depending on the type and size, there are various decorative ideas.

The variety of vases

Vases are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. In addition, they differ in the material, which may consist of glass, ceramic, metal or plastic. Small miniature vases are well suited for the decoration of side tables and telephone tables. They come in stylish, if they are arranged in groups and equipped with individual flowers. In this variant, they also decorate a windowsill or the table. Small lanterns placed in-between or alongside complement the arrangement.

In addition, there are small glass vases to hang. These are a successful decoration idea for the window design. In most cases, they are available as a set consisting of several copies with different shapes. These are then arranged as desired exactly in a row, diagonally rising or with different heights. The cute vases can also be hung directly in the room, on shelves, room dividers or cabinets.

Decoration ideas with wall vases

Wall vases are simply attached to the wall and fulfill a decorative purpose there. A good deco idea for the Mediterranean style of living is a wall vase in the form of a wooden block, in which there are several small test tubes for flowers. Equipped with individual roses, it expresses itself on every wall in an atmospheric way. Wall vases are fastened to the wall with screws. Alternatively, they can also be attached to glass panes, plastic elements or nonwovens with suction cups. It's amazing how wall tattoos with vase and floral motifs can enhance a simple wall. For example, they can be flush with the floor edge or at the height of a sideboard surface.

Floor vases set accents

Floor vases are large vases that should be given a selected location - for example next to a patio door or fireplace or in front of a room corner. They set accents and are expressively effective, if you do without further decorative elements around the vase. Floor vases can be decorated with long-stemmed roses on certain occasions. But shrubs such as hazel, willow or bamboo canes also work in it. So-called sculpture vases have intricate shapes that catch the eye even without flower arrangements. For the most part, they are available in abstract, curved shapes, which blend in particularly well with a modern style of living.