Decoration for the windowsill - Step by step to the spring greeting

Decoration for the windowsill - Step by step to the spring greeting

Finally it's spring again. Cheerful colors and pretty flowers give rise to an effective decoration on the windowsill.

1. Planning ideas for an atmospheric spring design

For an attractive spring decoration on the window sill, a bright and sunny location is preferred. The selected elements should be made of transparent materials, thus the daylight proves its valuable creative power and provides an atmospheric effect into the room. If curtains are present, they can be incorporated into the design by attaching them boldly to the side and giving them a clear view of the stage.

A successful decoration does not require a great deal of accessories and only a small selection of colors. The entire design is based on delicate pastel tones that spring brings to nature. These include bright tones in pink, blue, orange, purple, yellow, green and white. The best suggestions are given by the garden flowers of this season.

2. Fabrics, vases and flowers adorn the windowsill

A simple and expressive decoration can be achieved with glass vases and flowers. You do not have to dig deep into the bag, but use small bottles, vases, drinking and jam jars from the household. The different, small vessels are decorated with colorful spring bouquets and decorate the windowsill. The bouquets can be made of daffodils, tulips, roses, hyacinths and margarites.

For lovers of playful arrangements, iridescent glass marbles are among the most beautiful accessories of all. These can be placed occasionally between the vases. Also, a narrow strip of fabric made of light tulle, silk or cotton can form the basis for window decoration.

3. Hang small hanging bottle vases

When the window is large, hanging vases can decorate the windowsill. For this deco hanging vases are suitable, which are attached with pretty ribbons or with fine, silver wire on the upper window frame.

A particularly decorative and practical suspension succeeds with a stable, dry tree branch, which has been given a uniform coat with white topcoat , Various flower vases and figures at different heights hang on the branch.

A window design of this kind can be adapted to every season and every celebration. Only the right plants and the colors need to be selected.

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