Decoration for the dining room - the most beautiful ideas

Decoration for the dining room - the most beautiful ideas

The dining room should be a special place for a cozy get-together

Candlesticks as decoration for modern kitchens

Classical modern dining rooms are simply and coolly decorated. But that does not mean that they can not be loosened or made more interesting with a few deliberately placed decorating ideas. A good idea for a modern dining room in mainly black and white, is a silver three-armed candlestick as a table decoration. Also conceivable is a large stand candlestick in silver.

Checkered doilies for country-style kitchen

Country-style kitchens are usually dining rooms at the same time because they offer plenty of space. To the white wood kitchen fits nostalgic-rural decoration. Very nice are small checkered placemats on the dining table. These can also be left on the table outside of meals and bring color to the room.

The little doilies are easier to wash than a whole tablecloth and can also be washed individually if required.

Wall design for cozy modern dining rooms

A nice idea for wall design relaxed, modern dining room, is the wall tattoo. You will find various wall tattoos with stylized motifs such as cappuccino cups or Buddhas. For the dining room are also logos or a combination of font and image. The stickers should be carefully adapted to the wall color and the colors of the decor.

Dried flowers for all seasons

A large stand vase is a beautiful decoration for a room corner of the dining room. It relativizes the corner and thus creates a harmonious spatial picture. In a vase flowers usually belong. You have the least amount of work with dried flowers or artificial flowers. These can remain as decoration in the vase all year round without withering or mold.

Multi-part murals

For modern to cozy-playful dining rooms, multi-part murals are a beautiful decoration. For example, one finds three narrow high images or four square or even five narrow, which are hung offset. The overall format depends on the space that the room offers. Motifs are coffee or wine photographs, but also motifs that are completely different in theme, such as flower meadows or modern art.

Photo wallpapers for a special kind of dining room

Photo wallpapers transform every dining room into a world of its own. The wallpaper should accompany you through room corners, fitted kitchen, windows, fireplaces or other limited room sections. For the dining room are, for example, photo wallpapers that show a cafe, vineyards or even a southern European street.

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