Decorating the terrace - the most beautiful examples

Decorating the terrace - the most beautiful examples

In summer, the terrace calls for a cozy evening outdoors. Decorating the terrace provides the necessary comfort.

Container plants for more harmony

The terrace is usually adjoined to the garden. Potted plants ensure a harmonious transition between the two areas. For terraces without a garden they donate fresh green. Boxwood, palm trees, bamboo, lavender and other decorative plants are also suitable as a green terrace decoration.

Decorating terraces with lanterns

In balmy summer nights, a subtle lighting is cozy and inviting. Candles and big lanterns are the perfect source of light. The large glasses protect against wind and skipping the flame. Extra-large stationary lights are best made on the terrace.

Safe candle replacement: fairy lights

Anyone who is afraid to decorate with open flames chooses fairy lights. Electric fairy lights in warm white look wonderful around the patio surround. Instead of the naked bulbs are lantern chains with paper umbrellas or felt flowers. Lights and lantern chains should be hung protected against rain and weather.

Decorative garden furniture for every taste

Chic garden furniture is a beautiful garden décor and transforms the terrace into cozy oases. Romantic decorate nostalgics with ornate terrace furniture made of cast iron. If you like it more rustic, choose oiled wooden garden furniture. Shabby-chic fans get their money's worth with pastel-colored, varnished wooden furniture.

Hang pennants and lanterns

Pennants and lanterns are best displayed on the edge of the patio canopy. Colorful prayer flags give the terrace an Asian look. This fits best bamboo. The lights are made of cast iron, wood, metal and other materials. Modern, Chinese or romantic lamps will find their fans according to taste.

Statues of marble or soapstone

A white marble or soapstone statue should be a larger standalone piece on the terrace. Several statues look cheesy and overload the terrace. Nice figures are hip-high figures in the classical style, for example half-acts, representations of gods or mythological creatures like a satyr.

Birdhouse - animated decoration

At a birdhouse, small birds outside are a pleasure. The birdhouse hangs well on the cornerstone of the patio canopy. In the summer, the birdsong is a relaxing joy - in a rustic wooden house, colorful birdhouse or cottage in vintage style.

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