Decorative Tips in Autumn - Step by Step

Decorative Tips in Autumn - Step by Step

Whether wreaths, garlands or baskets - decoration tips will give you ideas for an autumn decoration. The materials are at the door.

1. Collecting natural treasures for crafting

There is hardly another season that offers so many attractive craft materials as autumn. A large number can be found in an extensive forest walk or in parks: colorful leaves, thick and thin branches, red rosehips, dry grasses, brown chestnuts with prickly covers, nuts, funny acorns with cones and long and thick pine cones. In the garden there are colorful strawflowers and bouquets, yellow corn cobs, various ornamental squashes, evergreen ivy branches and attractive hop garlands.

The offer is endless and encourages expressive decorating tips. As a basis for the tinkering prefabricated forms of straw or metal and Bastkordel are. For the playful decoration, silk ribbons, ribbons and parchment paper strips are available. A sufficient selection of materials for designing the ideas can be found in craft shops.

2. Stimulating decoration tips for the autumn

Creativity comes into play as soon as you collect and even more so when spreading the natural treasures. The autumn wreath is one of the most beautiful and always happy ideas. This can be installed both indoors and outdoors. It is particularly suitable as a welcome gift on doors.

One of the simple decoration tips is the autumn garland. The most beautiful autumn fruits collected after a forest walk hang on a cord. Woven strips of parchment paper give the decoration movement. They can be hung or laid down anywhere. An autumn jewelery, which can be accomplished excellently with children and is a beautiful memory of an eventful day.

Finally the autumn baskets are called as Dekotipp. They can be filled with anything that the season of fruits and plants gives. They are eye-catchers on the balcony and terrace and on the front door. They are also gladly given away to loved ones.

3. Make the Fall Jewelry

All these decoration tips are easy to make and have a high jewelry value. The most beautiful specimens are created, if you let yourself be guided by the materials and the personal color perception while crafting. Pre-made straw blanks, braided bast cords and discarded baskets are suitable as carriers.

The composition of small ornamental pumpkins, long grass tufts, colored leaves, dried flowers, chestnuts and rosehips is enough to make a wreath, a drawstring or a basket autumnal. These can be applied as needed with wire, glue or toothpicks.

If the fall crops are not sufficient, colored strips or cut sheet shapes of parchment paper serve as gap fillers. The conclusion and frame forms a silk ribbon or a bow in the dominant autumn tone.

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