Daylight spots: Natural light in windowless rooms

Daylight spots: Natural light in windowless rooms

Chandeliers, LED spotlights: Mostly we prefer window spaces with sunlight. However, the sun reaches every corner of the house via daylight spots! Real or electric, sunshine or sun-dark: the question of light and window does not always answer itself. Anyone who leaves his bathroom window on an exterior facade in the evening rises in the morning in winter shivering under the shower. He longs for the benefits of an indoor bath! Although we prefer mostly rooms with natural light. It seems much more harmonious and comfortable than the often glistening lamp brightness. And studies prove again and again: The light of the sun positively influences the mood of us humans. But windows are not always useful, because:

Daylight spots "sunbathe" every corner of the house

Location, land use or insulation often leave not only wet cells with no windows, but also in corridors, staircases, attics or cellars. The same applies to storage rooms or walk-in closets. Ergo flickers in the bathroom the pale neon tube and in the basement often still the Glühfunzel. There is a way to carry the sunlight in virtually every corner of the house. The solution is provided by daylight spots, also called solar tube, sky tube or light chimney. They flood the room with luminescent solar energy and leave every electricity meter cold.

Natural light, where otherwise lighted flares

Daylight spots catch the sunlight by means of a hatch on the roof surface. They transport it to the inside of the house via a light-conducting tube. Thanks to the high optical conductivity of the tubes, larger distances and even several 90-degree arcs can be bridged with low losses. Up to 25 meters of pipe length are possible, however, distances of a maximum of four to five meters are reasonable. At the end of the tube system are often diffusers, which spread the light scattered, uniform, glare-free and soft across the room. Many models resemble the "spotlight" in the room to the design of a commercial ceiling light. Others can be e.g. also as wall lights.

From flat or pitched roofs to corridors or cellars

Whether pitched, tilted or flat roofs: Daylight spots can be installed almost anywhere. In the offer there are a variety of roof and interior variants. If the roof-to-ceiling angle is too large for a rigid pipe, or if other architectural adjustments are needed, flexible pipe systems are used. Rigid pipes, however, are characterized by a generally higher light output. For their daylight channel home builders have to reckon with costs starting at around 400 euros without installation.

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