Dark room, dark wood ceiling - the best measures

Dark room, dark wood ceiling - the best measures

A dark wooden ceiling quickly transforms even larger rooms into a dark and uncomfortable room. But the host can counteract that.

Creamy - how bright varnishes enhance a dark wooden ceiling

A dark wooden ceiling is oppressive and makes the room appear low. Homeowners can enhance the space by sanding and repainting the wood ceiling. They use bright paints in creamy colors. Possibly also sky blue or bright green comes into question. Tenants must ask the landlord for permission. To avoid this, you can hang the dark ceiling with light plasterboard or lightweight fabrics.

Fresh - light color design for a dark room

Coloring is not the only thing that matters when it comes to the ceiling. The rest of the room can also appear brighter if residents design it thoughtfully. Wall paint in creamy tones and accents in bright green or blue create a fresh yet cozy atmosphere. Caution: Never completely paste walls with color shades, but accentuate them loosely. This creates space and air.

Bright - dark rooms with LED spots illuminate

If not only the ceiling, but regardless of the room is a dark, must be smart lighting ago. In a sky-blue painted or suspended ceiling, LED spots are particularly good. Even if the ceiling is retained, LED solutions are recommended because they emit relatively cool, bright light. Their orientation should be angled so that as much surface as possible is irradiated. The full-surface illumination of the lacquered ceiling also makes the room brighter and friendlier, because paints reflect.

Highlighted light - draw attention to light sources

To make the room brighter, highlight light sources. This can be realized in different ways: For example, a wall tattoo on the window adjacent wall. For example, the resident can attach flat mirrors to the opposite, windowless wall. The window is doubled and incident light reflected in the mirror surface.

Airy Lightweight - Avoiding Fabric

For the floor in a dark room, carpets are a no-go. Instead, laminate floors are good because they reflect light and appear cooler and more minimalist than carpet. Curtains should also be made of light and light fabrics. The same applies to upholstery, whereby large pieces of furniture should only be accommodated on the walls next to a window.

Glasses - light-reflecting living tips

Especially for a dark room with few light sources, residents should not do without glassy living ideas. Glass is light and breaks light, so that the existing light is used optimally. In the middle of the room, a glass chandelier can create a play of light. Just as effective are glass figures. But beware: Do not stuff too many accessories into the room, otherwise it will look tight again.

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