Cutting Firewood - Tips

Cutting Firewood - Tips

Cutting firewood yourself not only saves money but is also fun. For safety at work, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Today, the forester requires everyone sawing firewood in his forest to get a chainsaw certificate for self-props (private firewood saws). Such a course costs between 50 and 100 euros. Provider and tips has the forester. Anyone who works on his own property does not need it.

Highly recommended is a chainsaw course (condition for the bill) anyway, because a chainsaw is a dangerous tool. The most important rule is: safety first.

Check the personal protective equipment

No work without personal protective equipment! It consists of a forest helmet with face protection and ear protection, a cut protection pants and cut protection shoes. In cut-resistant clothing, fibers are incorporated, which immediately wrap around the chain and stop the saw.

  • Put on the cut protection pants and check the fit of the straps.
  • Put on the cut protection shoes.
  • Adjust the straps in the helmet so that they are secure and secure
  • Adjust ear defenders to fully encircle ears.
  • Fold down face guard.
  • Does the face shield also hold in a stoop position? If not: Tighten the joint screws.

Safety Check of the Chain Saw

A chain saw must always be well maintained. Before the first cut, all points must be checked again:

  • Check whether the engine brake triggers safely.
  • The catch hook must not be missing.
  • Is the chain hot?
  • The chain must not be too loose or closed
  • The oil lubrication of the chain must work.
  • The "saw blade", correctly called a sword, must not have a burr.
  • A chainsaw only includes special gasoline and rapeseed-based organic oil.

Reprocessing of Lying Timber

Already felled trees are the names of the lumberman's recumbent wood. Often, the competitors may only work on it and not fell on their own.

  • Put on personal protective equipment
  • Gain a lot of work space due to tripping hazards (reverse switch)
  • For single-handed chain saws, pay close attention - the free hand must not fall into the chain.
  • When working on and reclaiming recumbent wood, select the stand on the side of the log that is not sawn.
  • Determine the direction of the wood's pull - for the correct use of top and bottom cuts (prevents chain slamming)

Tips for effective further processing

Even without a log splitter, log wood quickly becomes fireproof firewood. The splitter is only worthwhile for large amounts of wood.

  • Mark pieces of equal length on the reclaimed stock with a rip meter.
  • Saw off pieces of meter.
  • Split the lying pieces of meter with the splitting ax.
  • Keep the split pieces dry until further processing in oven-proof pieces.
  • After the storage period, cut the split pieces of meter with a sawhorse and stop on the saw.

Sawing your own firewood is fun

Making your own firewood is fun. A self-study course helps with valuable tips to avoid mistakes.

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