Cutting back the boxwood - checklist

Cutting back the boxwood - checklist

The boxwood with the botanical name "Buxus sempervirens" is a popular garden shrub. It can be easily cut back.

The boxwood as a sphere

The evergreen boxwood is native to parts of Europe, Asia and Africa. Buchs is extremely popular as ornamental and natural wood cultivated, for example for hedge plants and solitary plants. With an annual increase of ten centimeters, it grows very slowly. Therefore, it takes until small plants grow into a medium-sized tree or shrub. Larger plants are correspondingly expensive. The cut-compatible boxwood can be brought into almost any shape. You can easily cut it back, because it drives partly out of old wood again - but not evenly. Therefore, in the case of spherical trees and shrubs, do not cut too deeply into the wood, which could lead to unsightly holes in the mold.

  • Is there a special boxwood trimmer or all-purpose garden shears with long blades? This enables a shape cut.
  • Tools must be clean and sharp.
  • For the book's cutting technique, cut annuals with light green leaves.
  • If the book is to gain in circumference, leave a few millimeters of green leaves around.
  • Does Plant already reached the desired size, cut back to the dark green leaves.
  • Cut from top to bottom. So cut off plant parts do not hinder further cutting.
  • Regularly cut all the annual shoots to promote the new shoot.

Boxwood balls and other shapes can be cut about four times from March to August. You can also use stencils. A frequent incision promotes full and compact growth.

Pruning hedge plants

  • Pruning hedge tress at least once or twice a year.
  • Regularly pruning prominent newer stems from March to September.
  • Bedding edging very low to 15 to 20 centimeters
  • Do not cut into the wood of the previous year.
  • Old hedge plants can also be radically cut back to freshen up.
  • The rough cut into the old wood should take place in March / April.
  • With a manual hedge trimmer or a special hedge trimmer Trimming boxwood scissors
  • A scissors or pruning shears are suitable for removing individual new shoots.

Hedges as a bed frame should not be too narrow. If the width corresponds approximately to the height, they look particularly shapely.

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