Custom Bathroom Storage

Custom Bathroom Storage

There are things that you can never have enough of. Storage space, for example ...

Especially in the bathroom not only jars and pans do not want to be stowed in a secure way; you also prefer to hide towels, cleaners or toilet paper supplies. This is no different in the new, stylishly modern bathroom by Rainer S. from Munich. However, the space provided above the washbasin for the mirror cabinet has a wall ledge, which is why a piece of furniture from the bar quickly "teases".

Therefore, Rainer S. was looking for a craftsman to adapt the ordered mirror cabinet to the niche and put on doors that reach to the ceiling.
With a tender at MyHammer he found the carpenter Maik Klemm from Eching. He changed the existing mirror cabinet so that it fits into the niche despite the projection of the wall. In addition, he installed doors that make the space between the wardrobe and the ceiling into a closed storage space with shelves. Towels and pipe cleaners are now discreetly hidden and the space used optimally. From Rainer S.'s assessment it becomes clear that he was glad to have hired a specialist, because the installation raised unforeseen problems. For Maik Klemm, as a professional, but no problem and so Rainer S. could leave the sixteenth satisfied rating on the profile of the MyHammer craftsman.

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