Cultivating Azaleas - Checklist

Cultivating Azaleas - Checklist

There are several types of azaleas, all of which belong to the rhododendron genus. The right care contributes to a healthy plant growth.

Care of summery green azaleas

Azaleas bloom very lush in spring and in magnificent colors such as pink, orange, red and yellow. During flowering, the petite leaves of the hybrids are almost completely obscured by the large umbels. Azaleas reach heights of growth of 2.5 to 3 meters and grow as small to medium shrubs. Japanese azaleas bloom particularly imposing.

  • Azaleas are planted in the fall or early spring.
  • They prefer a fresh, rich, well-drained soil.
  • The site should be sheltered from the wind.
  • The Hybrids do not need to be cut.
  • They also tolerate a vigorous pruning, which should only be done when needed.
  • Otherwise, only dead and old shoots will be removed in early spring.
  • During prolonged periods of drought, the plants must be thoroughly watered
  • Rainwater is used for watering as azaleas are extremely sensitive to calcareous water.
  • Bloomed parts of plants are removed promptly and regularly.
  • The new shoots must not be injured.
  • Compost is suitable as fertilizer
  • Mulching with needle litter, bark and peat has also proven successful.

Zimmerazaleen are popular winter b lüh

Rhododendron simsii, available as indoor plants, flowers in countless colors. During the winter, it is one of the most popular potted plants for the home. However, the wrong location and too hot temperatures can cause the plant to quickly lose its beautiful flowers. With the proper care, this can be prevented.

  • Zimmerazaleen need a bright and cool location at temperatures between 8 to 16 degrees.
  • They do not tolerate direct sun and drafts.
  • They also do not want to be close to the heating.
  • Ideally, room azaleas stand in cool hallways and bedrooms.
  • During full flowering they can also stand in the warm living room.
  • Every two to three years the plant is repotted.
  • The soil should be humus-free and lime-free.
  • During repotting the fine fiber roots are minimally cut back.
  • Casting is with softened, lukewarm water. Rainwater is best.
  • The root ball should never dry completely, but should always be kept evenly moist.
  • Zimmerazales can be fertilized with liquid fertilizers for rhododendrons and azaleas.

Proper care leads to healthy plant growth and growth lush flower formation in azaleas. Whether cultivated as indoor plants or garden azaleas: Azaleas do not lime, neither in the ground nor in the irrigation water. Therefore you should only water with rainwater if possible.

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